Use These Lovely Mom-Child Bonding Ideas to Make The Most of Your Baby’s ChildHood!

Use These Lovely Mom-Child Bonding Ideas to Make The Most of Your Baby’s ChildHood!

9 Dec 2016 | 4 min Read

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Under-five is an extremely impressionable age for your baby and also the most intimate time you will spend with your little precious person! It is important then, that you make the most of this time and his/her undivided attention.


You absolutely must make sure that your activities with your baby during this phase, work to boost every facet of your child’s development. These early learnings after all, are what will build the core of your baby’s personality.    


Speaking of early learnings and activities with your baby, we think the best dope on the subject comes from those who have been there and done that. Precisely why we threw the question open to our Mom Stars and here is what they had to say…  



Bulbul Satsangi shares a super creative, recycled arts and craft idea that not only makes the kid responsible towards the environment but also encourages the artist within! Here’s what she said, “We are little creative bugs and keep doing crafts from waste and other material lying around home. We are now heavily invested into recycling due to this. My bub follows me when it comes to not wasting and utilizing every scrape or other item- toilet paper rolls have turned into beautiful animals, cars, waste papers have been turned into gift wraps, discarded wires, headphones have been upcycled into magical wall and door hangings  Our play time is largely unstructured and we love outdoors and sand play. You can almost always catch up with us in a sand pit, both mumma and bubba doing their own things. For our bath ritual, we have a stash of toys in a basket, which were initially small rubber squeaky toys and have now moved to boats and pipes so we can pretend we are scuba divers!”



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Most mothers today are well informed and invest the time with their kids in creative activities. However, a new general consensus amongst most of our Mom Stars is, to involve their little ones in the kitchen and home activities like, feeding the pet, gardening et al. This is believed to make kids more responsible and strengthen the parent-child bond!  


Another interesting insight comes from Kuhoo Singer Gupta – “I am a stay-at-home mom and I feel so privileged to witness his growing moments every single day. I have been giving massages & baths to him since he was 1 month old. We listen to lot of music together. We do Montessori inspired activities together. We spend at least 1 hour outdoors every day without fail. We bond over babywearing a lot. We bond over doing silly dances, making silly faces etc. We read a lot, he loves books. We have shopped together at supermarkets. It has been an amazing journey.” Now that is one hands-on, happy mommy!


Mom Star Nehal Shah also makes a very organic and valid point. “We do a lot of things together like reading, art, craft, learning activities, cooking etc. But most importantly, we try to spend a lot of time outdoors gardening, cycling or just taking walks on marine drive and visiting places. The best bonding times are the ones spent before going to sleep and the first few minutes after we getting up. That’s when we cuddle and do our pillow talk 🙂 In line with all this, I have also started, Heart & Soil to encourage kids to get in touch with nature.



Isn’t that the most amazing way to sow the seed of your child’s personality and then organically nurture it with all the love!  


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