A Gift For expecting parents: 6 months paternity leave by Deutsche Bank India

A Gift For expecting parents: 6 months paternity leave by Deutsche Bank India

From January 1, Deutsche bank will offer the same duration of childcare leave to men as well, if they happen to be primary caregivers.


An internal note, recently circulated among Deutsche Bank employees in India specifies that the new parental leave policy focuses more on the caregivers’ responsibility, rather than connect the parental leave to gender and replaces the norm of what was previously called maternity or paternity leave. The new policy will also cover surrogacy and adoption.  


Madhavi Lall, Head, human resources, Deutsche Bank India explained that the new policy aims to fight several unconscious biases that are prevalent in society. “If a male employee happens to be the primary caregiver, he can now give a self-declaration and avail up to six months of parental leave. If an employee's wife is required to return to work in three months after childbirth and the husband (DB employee) becomes the primary caregiver for the child, he can avail of the new parental leave benefits,' she said.


Working women who embrace motherhood have always faced the dilemma of going back to work. The traditional mindset of the society too isn’t very comfortable about depending on the father to look after a newborn child, this policy looks at changing these norms. However, since only primary caregivers can avail the 6 month leave, and non-primary caregivers with get only 10 working days paid paternity leave, it is a matter of time to see how beneficial this policy is going to be.


Source: Times of India


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