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Published in Toddler Fun Christmas and New Year with your child Early Learning & Brain Development

Day 11 Montessori-inspired Christmas Activity

Kuhoo Gupta (The K Junction)    2 min read  Save as PDF
Day 11 Montessori-inspired Christmas Activity

Being a singer and a musician myself, this Christmas series cannot go without a music activity and so Day 11 is dedicated to Christmas carols and lots of music! The word carol originally meant to dance to something in praise or joy. But eventually the tradition of singing them survived. The lyrics and compositions of these carols are very old.

Today we will explore and listen to carols but with a twist. Apart from English songs that we usually hear during Christmas, we will also listen to carols from different parts of the world, carols from different cultures and languages. It is a brilliant opportunity to listen to foreign languages and music.


AGE GROUP – pregnancy onwards



  • Internet connectivity to play Youtube videos of carols  
  • Speakers of any kind
  • Music instruments for kids (optional)


TIME REQUIRED FOR ACTIVITY PREPARATION – Your internet buffering time for Youtube videos!



  • This is going to be a very free play and unstructured activity
  • Play the songs, sing along, dance and enjoy the divinity
  • If you have any music instruments, give them to your child and have fun together playing them along with the music



  • Music appreciation
  • Gross motor skills
  • Brain stimulation
  • Culture and tradition
  • Language building
  • Enhances creativity, expression and imagination
  • Social skills



  • If you do not have music instruments, bring out some utensils and spoons from the kitchen and bang them away to glory.
  • You can also make jaltarang at home using multiple glasses filled with different quantity of water and a stick.


Youtube Resources For Carols

  • Popular English Christmas songs/carols 



 Since it is English, most of us can sing along. Below are the lyrics of the songs covered in the video



  • Italian carol - Gesu Bambino (The Infant Jesus) 



  • Portuguese carol - Natal Africano



  • Portuguese carol - A todos um Bom Natal



  • Spanish carol - Arre borriquito



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