Top 10 Ideas For a Rocking Kiddie Birthday Party

Top 10 Ideas For a Rocking Kiddie Birthday Party

Congratulations, you’ve sailed through one year of parenting. With a few colds and coughs, from breastmilk and formula to semi solids and even proper solid meals, your little one is now ready for his own 1st Birthday party and, to sink those tiny white pearlies in to some delicious chocolate cake. So give yourself a pat on your back for surviving the roller coaster ride of first year of parenthood and get ready to PARTY!

If you are finding yourselves confused with the overwhelming number of ideas the internet is throws at you, here's a low-down of the themes trending in the party circuit:


1.Mickey/Minnie: This is hands down the most popular birthday theme across the world and I'm yet to find a child who doesn't love Mickey/Minnie. We've got ears..say Cheers! (Psst:  Resources for this theme are easily available, it’s easy peasy to arrange one)



2.Carnival: A carnival theme is my personal favourite. With so many eclectic elements, the giant wheels, the ring toss, the popcorn, the carousel, adults can take a trip down the memory lane and let their hair down too!



3.Nursery Rhymes: A super cute theme that all kids can relate to. It is so refreshing to see the little ones groove on songs they sing out loud and point at the humpty dumpties and the twinkle stars.



4.Garden: Nothing beats the beauty of an outdoor do but bringing a garden indoor is not a bad idea either. The kids can have a ball of a time in their indoor garden and sky is the limit to let your imagination rule.


5.Animals: Another favourite amongst kids this age is the animal themed birthday party. From the mooing to the roars, each child loves some animal or the other and planning a farm theme or a jungle theme or animal kingdom is equally popular.



6.Circus: Circus themed bashes are getting popular these days where the jokers and jugglers entertain and you can have a huge range of activities to choose from!



7.Princess: Every little girl born is called a Princess and treated as one too. So give your princess a royal celebration with the super-popular Princess Theme. Themes within themes can be done with no dearth of princess characters we know by now.



8.Fairy: Girls are sugar n spice and everything nice! A fairy theme with butterflies, wings and tiaras is hugely popular for little fairy’s birthdays and if colour pop is your thing, go for it.


9.Minions: The Minion fever rages on. The striking yellow and blue theme finds favours with all age groups and can be done tastefully.


10.Teddy Bear: Every child has a bear friend and a Teddy Bear theme is a cute idea to let the love for the teddies show. You can have theme within themes like teddy bear picnic, teddy & nursery rhymes, teddy and stars or teddy with your child's top fancy and be guaranteed of cuteness overload at your party.


Want to know more about these themes or need help in how to set these up, leave a comment and you’ll hear from us soon.


All images in this post are copyrighted by photographer Anamika Singh -The Memory Keeper. 

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