Live Chat With Dr Gorika Bansal on Your Child’s Health And Development

Live Chat With Dr Gorika Bansal on Your Child’s Health And Development

Q. My daughter doesn't cough much but occasionally pukes with lot of phlegm. Is that a sign of any sort of chest infection? What measures should I take to curb that?

A. For frequent puking, I would suggest keep the meals small in amount, frequent small feeds would be a good idea. Also giving steam or keeping a steamer in the room as a humidifier may help too. keep the baby upright after feeds. and do not force feed the child.


Q. My son will be 3 years next month. Since birth he has always had allergy problems. The area below his eyes is always little pinkish and fluffy. Also he behaves a bit hyper, is always on the move. Please help

A. Well a child always on the move sounds good, that suggests he is eating enough for his age and that’s why he is energetic. Being hyper or having attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is separate wherein children are very fidgety, impulsive and hyperactive, and often forgetful in completing tasks. About allergies there are tests available wherein you can understand the type of allergen the kid has allergy to .avoiding allergens is the best way out. Most common allergens are—dust, mites, moulds, pet hair, pollen ,foods like eggs, nuts, fish etc.


Q. My daughter is 3.3 years old and is down with cold n cough for at least 15 days a month. Doctor says it's allergy. Can you please suggest a remedy?

A. The best is to keep the child off dust at home, so maybe vacuuming and mopping the house is good, try finding out what he is allergic to or when are the times when he sneezes the most, keep minimum carpets at home which tend to catch a lot of dust. If she’s allergic to pollen keep windows closed, keep the exhausts going while cooking. Avoid strong smells like perfumes, incense candles etc . Avoid foods like eggs, fish, nuts, chocolates, sea food .Get his flu shots in time. Best would be to prevent the allergy so be vigilant and understand what he is allergic to. There are preventer medicines too that help and go a long way in preventing recurrent cough and old episodes


Q. My child is 3 years old. I often hear moms give Pediasure. Should I give him such supplements or any vitamin supplements like Vitamin D and A? If so how often? How do I know his growing needs are being met? Baby’s weight is 14.5 kg

A. A weight of 14 kg is good so, no need of added supplements like Pediasure. Vitamins are recommended for malnourished kids whose dietary sources are insufficient to meet the daily requirements of vitamins. So no need of artificial stuff, there is nothing comparable to a good balanced diet and frequent snacking


Q. My baby 2 years and she is going to playschool and has got into the habit of biting other babies sometime she bites me also what can i do to change this behavior? According to me she bites when someone doesn’t agree with her?

A. I can understand it is not a very pleasant sight. But don’t worry we can turn this around


Q. My daughter is 2.5 years old, her height is 86 cm and weight 10.1kg. Her height and weight is always been in upward trend but slow. She is not a fussy eater, she eats ok as per her age, but I'm worried about her growth. Also most of the time she is constipated, what should I do?

A. If the birth weight was good, then a weight of 10 kg is a little on the lower side. I would suggest that reduce her milk intake to not more than 500ml/day that is two glasses per day one morning and night. Rest of the times give her whole foods like banana, stuffed parathas instead of roti, give her yoghurt and paneer, an egg a day is good too. So small frequent meals at a gap of 2-3 hours is good. Include soups, yoghurt, fruit creams, halwass etc as a snack.

For her constipation, again high roughage foods like steamed veggies, apple, pear, pappaya, plums, fig is very helpful. Avoid biscuits and maida, white breads and excess milk as that is constipating. Keep her well hydrated too. Raisins and fig does wonders for constipation and also raw foods like sprouts and greens can sorted out the issue.


Q. It being winters is it ok to give a hair wash to an 8 month old baby daily?

A. For an 8 month old baby you may not wash hair daily unless the baby has cradle cap. In that case too we suggest alternate day washing. Use a mild baby shampoo which can be used daily if you wish to, else alternate day washing of hair is good enough.


Q. My son is 3.5 years old, does not rice in any form and also rice like texture stuff ex kichdi, poha ,etc.. Is it ok in terms of nutrition??

A. Rice is a cereal so if your baby does not relish rice, no problem we have options like wheat, maize, ragi, jowar, sorghum etc. Give her rice crackers though or make rice cutlets or a sushi which they may relish. changing the form works and making them colorful, like a veg fried rice with a lot of veggies. Their preferences change often so keep trying at weekly intervals do not give up on it and remember you the food you want him to consume in front of him but do not force. That definitely helps as you are their role models.


Q. My 3.3 year old is just 10.5 kgs, and not gaining weight. Is that ok or should be a concern. She is a very fussy eater, prefers rice/idly/Raagi most of the times.

A. Her weight is on the lower side, so again milk should be cut down and emphasis should be more on foods. Introduce cereals, veggies, fruits, and greens, dals, give her foods like banana daily, egg, tofu or paneer, stuffed paranthas, make porridge with ragi, suji. Do not let the child skip breakfast as that’s the most important meal of the day. Also, no junk s like biscuits, chips , pizzas etc.they are empty calories


Q. My 21 month old baby girl still has hair on her face, hands, legs and back since birth will the ever go? And she also has a cradle cap and a dry and falky scalp. Please suggest what to do? Also, she speaks 10 to 15 words at 21 months is it normal?

A. For the hair on body I suggest leave them alone, they shall go on their own, as applying things to the baby’s skin may do more harm than good to their highly gentle and delicate skin. For cradle cap, I would suggest use anti-fungal shampoo like nizoral or scalpe twice a week or on alternate days depending on the severity. Do not apply oil for long hours as it is a fungal infection which flourishes in moisture and oil. Also do not pluck off the crusts they shall get removed on their own.

About her speech, that’s fine. They have a good vocabulary of about 100 words by 2 years. But learn to form 2-3 word sentences only by 2 years and onwards. To enhance speech development when she babbles, correct her speech with the right words. For instance, if she sees a dog barking and she babbles pointing out to it then you tell her yes your right baby that’s a dog barking. so her mind processes it and learns it. Read out stories to her and soon your little one would be speaking well to you.


Q. My daughter is 1.5yr old. Her birth weight was 3.3 kg, for the past four months she is not gaining weight she is now 10.4 kg. She is an active child but has turned quite cranky, and doesn’t eat anything past for the last one month. She is only on my feed and a few munchies here and there. Please suggest what to do to help her gain weight?

A. Your baby's weight seems fine normally a gain of 200-400 grams per month is good enough now. Since your baby is more than a year old, giving foods from family pot is good, give her 5-6 meals per day in addition to 400-500 ml of milk per day. If she fusses about it then, do not force her, do not run behind her as that causes food aversion. Have a table time and all of you eat together, let her self-feed like handling over an idli, or a banana and finishing themselves will encourage them. Make eating time a play time for them wherein you give eyes to the sandwich with cucumber etc and ask her to eat the eyes on her own and you clap for her. Don’t have distractions around while feeding her .



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