Excerpts of Live Chat With Sonali Shivlani on Nutrition During Pregnancy

Excerpts of Live Chat With Sonali Shivlani on Nutrition During Pregnancy

Q. What is the right weight gain during pregnancy and how much weight gain should be there in the final month? How much is usually gained in the last month?

A. If you have started your pregnancy at the ideal weight for your height and your BMI is also optimum then you can expect to gain about 10-14 kilos. You can expect to gain about 1.5 to 2 kilos in the ninth month


Q. I am currently in my first trimester. Can you advise what foods to eat and what not to?

A. Eat a healthy and balanced diet. At times it may seem difficult to eat large portions or you may have food aversions so choose small healthy snacks. At this time fruits, toast, bland vegetables and foods which are cooling may seem more appealing.


Q. How does a mom know what not to eat? For eg: they say papaya shouldn't be eaten. Is this true or a myth? And what harmful effects does it have?

A. The only foods which are a strict no no are alcohol and drugs. We would also suggest avoiding smoking and staying away from passive smoking. You should avoid soft cheeses, unpasteurised milk, raw eggs, raw fish like shushi and sea food with shells. A small quantity of ripe papaya can be considered ok.


Q. Can a proper diet help reduce the morning sickness? If so what foods should be taken?

A. Morning sickness is caused by hormones and to help balance this eating a diet which is rich in complex carbs can help settle the stomach. For eg: Dry toast, roti, crackers. Just a small portion. Also ginger flakes have been known to ease the feeling of queasiness.


Q. When should women start having calcium supplements post delivery? Should it be continued? Is there any harm in taking vitamin B and D tablets.

A. Calcium supplements should be taken while you are exclusively breastfeed and they continue during the second and third trimester of pregnancy and the period after while you are exclusively nursing.


Q. Is it safe to diet during my pregnancy as I have gained way too much weight. I am in my second trimester. I extremely worried. I am also a thyroid patient. What foods can I eat that will help me manage my weight during pregnancy?

A. It is not a good idea to restrict your food intake during pregnancy. However you can make sure that you eat the right foods and surely avoid fried and sugary savouries. Eat a balanced diet and in moderation. Please take your thyroid medications as prescribed by the doctor. Avoid soy products, peanuts, groundnuts, walnuts and if possible also vegetables like cauliflower, broccoli and cabbage.


Q. I am 32 years old and in the 30th week of pregnancy. I have thyroid too no at present Dr asked me complete bed rest as she says that the mouth of the cervix is a bit open. I am just worried that I don't deliver prematurely.Also I am not putting on enough weight so I  have started eating all protein fruits dry fruits. Is this enough?

A. First and foremost relax, stress is not great for pregnancy. Follow the instructions by your doctor and you should be able to get through full term. If the baby is growing well and the doctor is not showing a concern on this then there is no reason to worry if you are not gaining weight.


Q. I am an expectant mother. These days I am having cough and cold which may create problem during the operation. I am taking home remedies like warm water, honey and ginger, and avoiding cold things as I really had trouble during my first baby. Can u suggest me something that may help me. Also is it okay to consume green tea during pregnancy?

A. It is best to avoid green tea as it also contains caffeine. If you have a dry cough you could try garlic with honey instead as that works well for dry cough. Another home remedy is warm water with a little turmeric and black pepper.


Q. I am expecting my 2nd baby. At 22 weeks I gave OGCT test and my sugar level was 145. Doctor has asked me to follow a diet for 10 days and give the test again. What could be the reason for high sugar levels? The day before I gave the test i had eaten a big chocolate. Is that a concern?

A. At times the sugar levels can come high and this is due to hormonal changes. Follow a balanced diet with complex carbs and good quality proteins as prescribed by the doctor and repeat the test. GD can be controlled with the right diet in most cases. It is advisable to consume a balanced in your eating patterns throughout your pregnancy. Even if you do eat sweets have them in small portions. Yes you can take non-veg as lean meat is considered good quality protein.


Q. Actually in my anomaly scan baby 's lateral ventricle seemed to be a little enlarged. I have been to asked to repeat the scan. As per my research most of the cases it reduces after a certain time. My doctor also asked me not to worry. But somewhere i am still worried till my next scan

A. Worry is natural till you don’t get the assurance. A slight enlargement generally does settle down by the third trimester.




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