How Your Baby Grows Inside You: Week 27

How Your Baby Grows Inside You: Week 27

With the advent of your 27th week, your pregnancy has now stepped into the third and the final trimester! Isn’t that great news? You are already through two third of your total pregnancy and are only a few weeks away from motherhood!

Your baby is now almost one kilo in weight and is about 14½ inches long. Her/his skin still appears wrinkled due to the amniotic fluid but is well protected by the vernix, which is the whitish substance that covers it. Your baby is also swallowing a lot of amniotic fluid now which fills his/her little tummy.

Your little person now has regular sleeping and waking patterns and is able to open and shut her/his eyes. The lungs are not yet mature and your baby will need a lot of help to survive outside the womb if born at this stage. 

Signs and Symptoms

Your backache might increase from this week  on, so make sure you do your back exercises on a regular basis.

You might sometimes feel small, ‘knocking’ movements in your stomach. This is nothing but your baby hiccupping.

Think about writing a birth plan along with your partner. A birth plan is just a list of preferences you have around the time of your delivery. These could include things like...

  • When you would like to go to the hospital (immediately after you experience pain or after your waters break etc.)
  • Who you would like to have around you at the time of birth (spouse, mother or mother-in-law).
  • Your position on medicated pain relief or other natural methods that you would like to try if having a normal delivery (epidural, unmedicated birth, use of props such as birthing ball etc.)
  • How you would like to initiate breastfeeding (immediately after birth or in the presence of a lactation consultant etc.)

You might not be able to remember too many things when you are actually in labor so keeping your partner aware of your birth plan can be very helpful. Most doctors are usually open to discussing preferences, so take your birth plan along to the next doctor’s visit. However, remember to be flexible as sometimes, deliveries do not go as planned. 

Physical Development

You might start gaining weight more rapidly now and this might suddenly be very noticeable. Continue wearing loose, comfortable clothes and proper footwear. 

Emotional Development

As the second trimester draws to a close, you might be feeling a little more excited about that D-day inching closer.

Travelling outside the city might be restricted from now on but you can still plan to do a lot in and around the city. 

Red Flags

If you are gaining more than a kilo and a half per month then watch out. This could be a sign of gestational diabetes or fluid retention. Gaining too much weight during pregnancy can also make delivery difficult. Excess flab can make passing the baby more difficult! 

Old Wives Tales

Another myth around predicting a baby’s gender is that if an expecting mum eats the ends of a piece of bread, then she’s carrying a baby boy and if she feels like eating only the center, then it’s a baby girl.

Don’t  read too much into these myths, it’s better to just be amused by them. 

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