Twin Pregnancy: Cesarean Birth or Vaginal Birth?

Twin Pregnancy: Cesarean Birth or Vaginal Birth?

2 Jan 2017 | 3 min Read

Sonali Shivlani

Author | 237 Articles

You might have heard that if a woman is expecting twins, she will definitely undergo a C-section. Delivering twins or multiples normally is thought to be extremely risky.

Statistically speaking, about half the twin pregnancies deliver via Cesarean section. Although in most cases, your doctor may recommend a surgical birth from a safety perspective. This is because twins generally arrive little early and they might be under weight due to which labor may not be favorable.

If you are carrying triplets or more, then you can be sure that you will have a surgical delivery.


Can I try for a vaginal birth if I’m carrying twins?

Its naturally optimum for you to deliver vaginally as – postpartum recovery is much faster, there is lower risk of infection, bleeding is less and it’s easier and faster to return to a normal routine.

However, the type of delivery will depend on your pregnancy health. This means that it depends on pregnancy complications (like gestational diabetes or hypertension), whether you’ve had previous surgical births and finally, on the position of your babies at the time of birth.

  • If both your babies are in the head down position and if you’ve had a healthy, uncomplicated pregnancy and are close to full term, then you might be allowed to go through labour. If labour progresses well, then you might have a good chance of a vaginal birth.
  • If the presenting baby, which means the baby closest to the cervix is head down, might still possible to have a vaginal birth. As the cervix starts dilating, the baby’s head will block the cervix and prevent the umbilical cord of either twin or a limb of either twin from slipping through.
  • Once the cervix is fully dilated, the first baby can be delivered normally which is head, followed by shoulders and then the rest of the body. The cervix will remain fully dilated for some time. This will allow the second baby to be delivered safely even if her/his head is not the presenting part.
  • At times the first baby is born vaginally and then due to some complication, the second baby is delivered surgically. This is rare but known to happen.

Allow your doctor to decide what’s best for you when it  comes to delivering your  twins. It’s your babies’ and your health that matters the most.


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