How Your Baby Grows Inside You: Week 29

How Your Baby Grows Inside You: Week 29

Lady, week 29 is the time to start increasing your protein, iron and calcium intake because your baby’s needs have increased. Iron is important for your baby’s week by week growth in general, protein to support her/his developing brain and calcium for the hardening bones. Your baby now weighs about 1200 grams and is about 15 inches long from head to heel.

You will find that your baby is either very active or very quiet when you lie on your back. This is your baby’s way  of telling you that s/he needs more oxygen, as the oxygen supply gets compressed when you lie on your back. Turn over to either side and use as many pillows as required to make yourself comfortable.


Signs and Symptoms

Your uterus now occupies almost all of the abdominal cavity. This means that all your internal organs have been pushed out of the way to make space for your developing baby. This puts a lot of pressure on the diaphragm, stomach and intestine.

As a result, you might feel a lot of pressure under the ribs, breathlessness, acidity and loss of appetite. You might also feel constipated as the hormone progesterone relaxes the muscles in your intestines, which makes passing bowels a little more difficult. Remember to not strain as this can cause piles or trigger a contraction!

Start thinking about packing your hospital bag already. Visit your hospital and get the required list from them. Certain items like nursing bras and maternity sanitary  pads are a must.


Physical Development

If you have started feeling clumsy on your feet, walk with slow but sure steps. As your pregnancy progresses, the clumsiness in your gait might increase. There is no need to feel embarrassed as this is natural.


Emotional Changes

If you are a working mom you might probably feel bad about taking the maternity leave. Moms who are pregnant are generally not offered promotions or are usually not assigned important projects. This is because it is felt that pregnant women cannot do justice to their jobs.

This might be a temporary speedbreaker to your career. And it can make you feel depressed (another side effect of pregnancy hormones). If you are indeed feeling insecure about your job, have a frank discussion with your supervisors to ensure that the transition is smooth for both you and the workplace.


Red Flags

Make sure you take your supplements and eat healthy as your baby is pulling out nutrients from your reserves.

Remember to keep a count of your baby’s kicks. It is suggested that from this week, fetal kicks must be counted twice every day. If you do not feel the movements as expected, do not panic. Just take a small glass of a sugary drink and lie down for some time, then wait for the kicks.

Another trick is to practice a lot of deep breathing as this tends to wake babies up from their deep slumber. If you still find your baby not moving adequately after the above exercises, then it is advisable to go for a checkup.


Old Wives’ Tales

In a traditional baby shower, the mum-to-be’s family blindfolds her and asks her to choose a sweet from a plate as part of a game. It is said that is the expecting mother chooses a peda, she will have a baby boy and if she picks a jalebi or barfi, then it’s a baby girl. This is not a method of gender prediction but everyone can have a bit of fun with these games!


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