How Your Baby Grows Inside You: Week 30

How Your Baby Grows Inside You: Week 30

As you step into week 30, your baby's week by week growth is almost 16 inches long and weighs almost 1 kg! The amniotic fluid levels are still adequate as of now but this will reduce towards the end of pregnancy. This fluid is important since it cushions your little one from jerks and other injuries.


Signs and Symptoms

Experiencing leg cramps in the middle of the night from this week onwards is fairly common. This is a result of lack of blood circulation which is due to the growing belly and thickening blood. You can take care of this by ensuring adequate intake of fluids and drinks.

It is also very common to feel breathless, lose your appetite and feel uncomfortable in the ribs as your uterus presses against the stomach.

As your pregnancy progresses week by week, it’s time you focus on your prenatal Kegel exercises These exercises will help you prevent urinary incontinence, especially as the uterus grows further and puts additional pressure on the bladder. Kegels also help you tone the vaginal muscles and make for an easier second stage of labor, which is the pushing stage. These exercises will also help your vaginal muscles recover more easily post birth.


Physical Development

You might now feel much bigger with your tummy growing upwards and outwards. In your pregnancy week by week growth, you will also feel that your abdomen is almost at the rib cage, which might make deep breathing difficult.

You might also start experiencing some discomfort with your heavy stomach; for example a simple turning of sides might require quite an effort!

But then again, you are going through all this for your baby so smile and take it as it comes.


Emotional Development

Your prenatal anxiety around labor will now increase, as your due date draws closer. For most women, it is really just the fear of the unknown that scares them.

It helps to read up about labor and birthing on trusted websites and books. We at BabyChakra work to be one such. You can discuss things with fellow mums-to-be or experienced mums but then make sure you don’t compare your case with theirs because no two women are alike, so no two births can be the same.

The anxiety might make you irritable. At times, these mood swings can also be due to hormonal changes, as your body gears up for birth.


Red Flags

Be careful while walking as your centre of gravity is now shifting and you might find yourself a little tipsy on your feet. You will be better off wearing comfortable shoes with firm straps to minimize chances of a fall.


Old Wives’ Tales

Many people might now warn you about the myth that babies born in the eighth month of pregnancy do not survive. Do not stress too much, babies born after the seventh month generally do well. However, a baby delivered closer to the due date has fewer complications, hence its ideal to complete the term.


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