The Ultimate Revelation By Babywearing Educators!

The Ultimate Revelation By Babywearing Educators!

Introducing the Babywearing phenomenon to India, a set of Babywearing educators were here to preach and teach the technicalities of the trait and our lactation expert Aloka Mehta was part of the first batch to take the lessons.

Read on, as she puts together her account of this experience and tells all on the importance of Babywearing and baby carriers…..

A couple of weeks ago, I along with 20 others (19 mums, one dad) from all over India, did an intensive, four day certification course that equipped us to teach babywearing.

We were taught by the wonderful Jay McMillin from Modern Babywearing, California; brought to India by soul slings.


Why it’s important to get a hang of Babywearing?

Now, why would someone from California come to train educators in India about baby wearing? An art form that’s so common in rural India! Well, that’s because we don’t see Babywearing as a common parenting practice. It’s not a part of our everyday urban life and hence needs to be taught. Plus, the benefits of Babywearing are innumerable to both, the parent and the baby!


Why are baby carriers important?

A lot of parents starting with their parenthood journey want to use baby carriers and wear their babies but give up soon, thanks to the – lack of knowledge on how to use the carriers properly or because of bad quality carriers that are quite uncomfortable.

Having access to professional Babywearing educators means, that parents can now get professional advice on which carrier to buy, which type suits their baby, personalized consults and better safety advice when using their existing carriers.


What are the different types of baby carriers?

Not every carrier is suitable for everyone and every family has different needs. So why suffer when there are so many carriers to choose from – Ring slings, wraps (woven and stretchy), mei teis, full buckled carriers to name a few. Various brands have each of these types, which can thor.

For those with existing carriers, getting help on how to wear their babies with slight tweaks is all it might take to make it a comfortable and enriching experience, which a babywearing educator can help with.


Why you need them, baby carriers and babywearing tutorials?

As a lactation educator I teach the benefits of keeping your baby close and when you can do it hands free in a comfortable carrier, which also makes the hormonal new mother you are, feel good and makes milk supply easy, it’s a win-win for everyone!

Being a mom who has breastfed and worn her babies for a long time, I really believe that the two go hand in hand. Even before embarking on this journey, I always advised the parents who came to me for lactation help to think of investing in a baby carrier.


Where to get them?

If in Mumbai, the Mumbai Sling Library is a great place for new parents to try new carriers as is the Delhi Sling Library in Delhi and similar such libraries in other cities. These pop up libraries enable new parents to come and try before they buy and get the help they need with existing carriers.

Facebook groups and my blog post on the different brands of carriers available in India, might also be of help to new parents.

You can reach me through Baby Chakra here!


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