How Your Baby Grows Inside You: Week 31

How Your Baby Grows Inside You: Week 31

Your pregnancy week by week timeline shows that your little one is not so little anymore! From a tiny cell, your baby has now grown well over 16 inches long and weighs almost 1800 grams, which is about the size of a coconut!

Your baby now finds the space inside your womb restricted and will move with lesser intensity. S/he is also gaining more fat and her/his arms and legs no longer look like spindles and sticks. You will also find that your baby kicks more in the night and seems to rest during the day.


Signs and Symptoms

Breathlessness, loss of appetite, acidity and frequent urination are all symptoms that you might start experiencing this week all thanks to your baby growth week by week. All this might make you feel very uncomfortable but this is going to last only for a few weeks more so relax.


Physical Development

The feeling of breathlessness especially, might increase when you climb stairs or try to talk continuously. This is no cause for concern. It happens because your uterus is pushing against the lungs. You might feel that you are gasping for air but your baby is receiving enough oxygen. So don’t worry!

Your bra size is still changing and you might need to get a larger size yet again but remember to not use underwire bras while nursing.


Emotional Changes

One of the biggest fears that haunts most expecting moms is that they will not reach the hospital in time and deliver in the car itself! This happens a lot in the movies and rarely in reality. Keep in mind that for most first time mothers, labor usually lasts for 12-24 hours and this gives you enough time to get to the hospital safely.


Red Flags

Keep track of your baby’s movements throughout your pregnancy week by week. During an activity period, the baby should move about 10 times within an hour. If you notice any change in the number of movements or the duration in which the movements occur then make sure that you report them to your doctor.


Old Wives Tales

You may be regaled with stories of dry labor and how painful it is. What is told to mothers that if your water breaks, all the water drains out and then rest of labor is dry and hence more painful.

This is a complete myth. When the amniotic fluid breaks, the baby’s head sinks further into the pelvis and forms a plug with the force of the first gush. This allows the rest of the amniotic fluid to remain trapped around the baby. This is after all, a fluid, and hence will continue to leak slowly but it leaves the expecting mum enough time to get to the hospital safely.


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