Book Review: Copy Me, Copycub – A Charming Bedtime Story!

Book Review: Copy Me, Copycub – A Charming Bedtime Story!

Written by Richard Edwards, Copy Me, Copycub is a beautiful story of a mother bear and her little bear cub who follows her and copies her! If his mother splashes through a swamp, he splashes through a swamp, if his mother scratches, he scratches himself and similarly he picks berries when his mother does. He climbs a tree for honey the way his mother does it. And, that’s why his mother lovingly calls him ‘her copycub’!



The story follows spring into summer and summer through fall and all along, the mother bear and her cub indulge in different activities. During spring and summer, they are out exploring and splashing in swamps and looking for good things to eat. But, as autumn approaches and the days grow colder, the mother bear knows it’s time to go to the cave. She knows the winter’s coming and it will be too cold for the cub to stay outside.



So, together they start on a journey to the bearcave, walking through the trees and wading through the streams. The little bear copies his mother every time. But, he is small and soon begins to feel tired. It starts snowing and he doesn’t want to walk any further. He just wants to lie down there and then, and sleep. But, his mother can’t let him do so.



She nudges him to walk a little further. She takes a step and urges him to copy her which he promptly does. And, thus finally, they reach the cave that is dry and quiet and lined with leaves. The mother bear hugs copycub and soon the little bear falls asleep.

Kids will fall in love with this little bear who copies his mother. They will so relate to this story since they like to imitate what their parents do. They will be super excited to follow the journey of this little bear cub into the cave and might even sigh in relief when at last the mother bear and copycub reach their cave!

Illustrated by Susan Winter, the soft watercolours depict all the seasons in their full glory; from green leaves in the spring to golden and red ones in the autumn and tiny snowflakes in the winter. All of it has been very well illustrated in the book, so your child’s imagination can take wings!



My daughter asks for a hug every time I reach to the part where the mother bear hugs the little copycub. And, she loves the little sleeping bear! It’s really too adorable!



It’s a beautiful bedtime story that both you and your child will enjoy! So go ahead and read it out to your little person.


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