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How Your Baby Grows Inside You: Week 34

How Your Baby Grows Inside You: Week 34

10 Jan 2017 | 4 min Read

Sonali Shivlani

Author | 221 Articles

Your baby is now almost ready to make her/his grand entry into this world! In your pregnancy week by week update, s/he  is now about 18 inches long and weighs about 2200 grams. Her/his lungs and central nervous system are also almost mature.

A baby born between weeks 34-37 although preterm, will generally not face many complications and might need just a short stay in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit(NICU).

You might wonder, when is the right time to start with your maternity leave , if you’re working that is! There is no harm in continuing to work, if your pregnancy is progressing normally and if your doctor feels it’s ok. Work will keep your mind occupied and you will be able to stock up on your leaves for the post delivery phase!

If you are considering signing up for cord blood banking, then please mark it in your pregnancy week by week chart to review your options this week. Discuss with your doctor and read up reviews on BabyChakra before you choose.

It is important that you know what questions to ask your bank at the presentation and not focus on the freebies offered! Your cord blood bank should be financially stable and hold all the necessary certifications.


Signs and Symptoms

It might now be extremely difficult to sleep at night, as turning and changing positions will get difficult. Your baby is growing week by week. You might also need to get up frequently to urinate which will also disturb your sleep. This is probably just nature’s way of preparing you for sleepless nights ahead!

Excessive tiredness might happen often now and every ache and pain that you feel in your abdomen will raise an alarm, since you are expecting to go into labor anytime now!


Physical Development

If wearing leggings or pants irritates you, start wearing flowy skirts or dresses. Just make sure they’re not very long as there is the fear of tripping.


Emotional Changes

The feeling of excitement and nervousness all at once, must be driving you crazy! You are excited to meet your baby and welcome a new member into your family, nervous if you are a first time mom, as labor is still unknown and scary. You might also feel apprehensive about coping with a new baby and new responsibilities. Just remember that maternal instincts will help you tide through and you will do just fine.


Red Flags  

Some moms-to-be might develop a rash on the abdomen and other parts of the body. This could be a condition called PUPPP (Pruiritic Urticarial Papules and Plaques of Pregnancy) also called as ‘Pregnancy induced rash’. This generally disappears post birth but it must be reported to the doctor as it could indicate an issue with the functioning of your liver and some medication may be required.


Old Wives Tales

In your pregnancy week by week exercise, you are probably now being asked to sweep and swab the floor as this is supposed to ease the delivery process. It is really not necessary to do this as at times, when you squat incorrectly, you might end up pushing your baby’s head up with your thighs and this can prevent the head from engaging.


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