37 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms, How Baby Grows Inside You, Belly Size & More!

37 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms, How Baby Grows Inside You, Belly Size & More!

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Your baby is now almost fully grown and can be considered full term. S/he is now more than 19 inches long and weighs a little less than 3 kilos. Although a couple of weeks more will allow the lungs and the brain to mature completely, your baby, if born now, will be able to cope well with life outside the womb. If you have had a previous C-section or have some medical considerations such as a breech baby or placenta previa, your doctor would want to discuss a planned C-section. In such cases, your doctor might plan a date about 7 to 10 days before the expected due date. So, let’s get to know about what are the pregnancy symptoms that denote 37 weeks pregnant and how your baby looks during 37 weeks. So, keep on reading to find out. 

37 Weeks Fetus Development 

You and your unborn child are now officially regarded as “early term” at 37 weeks of pregnancy. While your body may be giving you indications that it is getting ready for labour and delivery, your baby will be polishing off important abilities like sucking and swallowing.

How Big Is A Baby During 37 Weeks Pregnancy?

By now, the normal baby weighs between 3 and 4 kg. You’ll get to meet your baby anytime in the next weeks; they’re ready to be born.

37 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

Throughout your pregnancy week by week, especially in the second trimester, you might feel your baby hiccup often now and these will be felt as rhythmic, knocking movements in your abdomen. You might also start feeling more frequent Braxton-Hicks contractions which might now feel a little uncomfortable and be more noticeable. You might want to plan a hospital tour or visit to familiarise yourself with the labour room and the delivery area. This will help you feel comfortable when you actually come to the hospital for the birth.

Physical Development

People might tell you that you look like you’re going to ‘pop’ anytime now. This just means that you’re probably looking fully pregnant and ready to deliver. Just continue to do your prenatal exercises without fail so that you deliver with ease.

Emotional Development

You might want to deliver your baby on a specific date for personal or auspicious reasons. This might not be the best idea as it is essential for your baby to be completely ready. Once ready, your baby will herself/himself initiate labour and support the birth process.

It is important that you read up on postnatal depression. A lot of mothers suffer from this condition, which arises as a result of hormones and psychological changes post delivery. Most mums do not even realise that they’re suffering. If left unattended, postnatal depression could lead to devastating consequences.

Your Body At 37 Weeks Pregnancy

Sleeping problems, stretch marks, body heaviness are among the signs of 37 weeks pregnancy or pregnancy month 9 that you may still be experiencing during the pregnancy.

37 Weeks Pregnant Belly Picture

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37 Weeks Fetus Picture

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37 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound: Do You Need It?

During 37 weeks pregnancy, you can opt for an ultrasound scan which can identify fresh foetal abnormalities that weren’t picked up in earlier tests.

Self Care Tips And Checklists For 37 Weeks Pregnancy

Here are some self care tips and checklists for leading the healthiest life possible during your 37 weeks pregnancy. 

  • Get the nursery set up for your upcoming newborn baby.
  • Not putting on the pound a week you’ve come to expect in the third trimester? We understand. You might have gained absolutely no weight during the past month.
  • Eat your meals slowly and must follow a balanced diet routine. 
  • Want to stay active during your late pregnancy? Step up your game! You can safely and effectively improve your core muscles while pregnant by using an exercise ball.
  • Spend time outdoors. Not always sitting indoors.
  • Do a skincare routine at least 3-4 days a week to make your skin glowing and supple.
  • Unplug one full a week and do rest ( do not overload on the couch like a panda!) 


What should you be doing at 37 weeks pregnant?

If you’d like, work on your “nest,” but don’t overdo it. Maintain your perineal massage and Kegel exercises. Prior to the baby’s arrival, take some time for yourself. Make a list of last-minute questions regarding labour and delivery.

What week is most common to go into labour?

37-38 weeks of pregnancy.

Is 37 weeks healthy to have a baby?


What are signs of labour at 37 weeks?

Strong and regular contractions, pain in your belly and lower back, and a bloody mucus discharge.

Is 37 weeks full term?


Why does it hurt to walk 37 weeks pregnant?

Due to pregnancy weight gain because of your baby who is now fully developed in the womb.


As you track your pregnancy week by week, watch out for any leaking from the vagina. As your baby’s head presses against the cervix, some fluid may leak out and give you a feeling of dampness. If you find yourself feeling constantly damp, then it could be amniotic fluid leaking. This means your baby’s sterile environment is compromised, so you must check with your doctor just to be sure. Also, if you want to know about 38 weeks pregnant symptoms then check out this one and get all your answers. But if you aren’t still pregnant and want to conceive but unsure about when you can be intimate with your partner after or before your menstruation, then a pregnancy calculator can help in assisting you with the best date for the intimacy. Know more about it here!



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