10 Terrifying Things About Babies We Are Certain That No One Has Warned You About!

10 Terrifying Things About Babies We Are Certain That No One Has Warned You About!

“Oh, Cocchie coo, boopity boo, what a sweet little piece of chocolate!” If that sounds nothing like you, then this article sure will!

Isn’t it funny how everyone is swooning over those little innocent, harmless  looking brats, that are soon about to do unimaginable things and raise hell! But seriously, there are some terrifying things about babies that no one warns you about – you only get to face it first hand, when you have the little one with you 24X7!

Read on and tell us if you can relate to these...




They are way too Fragile. How on earth do you pick them up? You are scared you will hurt them, with a simple touch!


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Nosyie posie Yuck!! You wipe snot, it’s back there again. And who on earth developed those sucking tubes – I mean are you kidding me?


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They are almost always hungry, and they have a weird way of  asking for food!




Who poops this much?? WHO?? Yeah right, a small baby does (God forbid the loosies)


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And when you are learning to clean it.




Burps – that’s actually fooling you. You keep on patting the baby and do everything to have him/her burp but for sure there will be some spit out and you know what? IT IS GOOD FOR THE BABY!


They give terrifying looks sometimes – dude, you are too young to eat chocolate so stop frowning if it’s over. Take a chill pill dude.




Those fountains of puke – thanks to reflux.




It gets worse, YOU get to clean it!




As disgusting as it may seem, you convince yourself that you are really enjoying motherhood and that you do not feel puke-ish – it is your baby, the one you waited for so many months, the one you went through so much for – but hey, I know your reality because – been there, done that and also, hated it thoroughly!

Now that we’ve told you, all you needed to know don’t say, you were never warned!


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