These 6 Reasons Will Make You Want To Take Your Kids On A Vacation Today Itself

These 6 Reasons Will Make You Want To Take Your Kids On A Vacation Today Itself

25 Jan 2017 | 5 min Read

Preeti Athri

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As parents, we want to give our children the best. So we stock up on great toys and books, ensure they eat nutritional food and enroll them into the best of schools. We do this because we want them to grow up in an ideal environment to become well-rounded individuals, right?

But amongst all that we give our children, the gift of experience is what they will cherish the most! And what better way to gift them an experience, than to gift them a lovely family vacation?

With family vacation we don’t mean, limiting the experience to the TV in the hotel room! It means encouraging your kids to experience everything the place has to offer. Here is why, vacations are the best…


1. Kids get a dose of ‘Edutainment’

When education is fun, it is bound to leave an unforgettable memory. While holidays seem like only fun and games, kids can also learn a great deal about the culture and geography of your vacation destination!  

  • Wherever you travel to, allow your kids to try their hands at the local art and craft. Let your kid learn how to make puppets in Rajasthan or a coconut leaf hand fan in Kerala! Some resorts such as Club Mahindra arrange for such experiences. For example, Club Mahindra resort in Jaipur, Rajasthan, invites local puppeteers to conduct a special show for kids. When in Pondicherry, Tamil Nadu or Coorg, Karnataka, your child could learn pottery from experts!
  • Don’t just stick to the usual ‘noodles-bread’ diet when on holiday.  There’s nothing more stimulating than exposing your little one to myriad tastes, so encourage your child to try the local cuisine. Find out if your holiday resorts include local dishes on their menu. In resorts such as Club Mahindra Goa, your child could also participate in a Goan cooking workshop! You just might end up nurturing a budding chef!
  • Take your child to local dance and music shows. S/he could pick up a move or a tune from the various art forms that the culture has on offer. For instance, Club Mahindra Jaisalmer, Rajasthan conducts Rajasthani music and dance classes in the resort itself.


2.  Kids can experience nature

We might have admired the scenic views around when on holiday, but when was the last time we actually allowed our kids to stop and smell the roses? Vacation time is a great opportunity to experience nature up, close and personal.

  • Hire a tour guide who can take you not only to places of historic importance, but also on a nature trail to experience local flora and fauna. Take a walk through the villages, interact with the locals and ask your kids to establish the difference! You can experience this in Club Mahindra Kandaghat, near Shimla or Club Mahindra Corbett, Nainital.
  • Your child might know where the food we eat comes from, but how about a brush with finding their own food! When on vacation, try to visit a farm, a plantation or a lake. Club Mahindra Ashtamudi, Kerala, allows its guests to catch their own fish from their room’s balconies!


3. Vacations help channelize their adrenaline rush

Kids need plenty of physical activity, but opportunities are limited in our space-crunched cities. So if your holiday destination has avenues for scuba diving or trekking, allow your child to try them.

  • Find age-appropriate adventure activities according to the weather. So your kid can learn the basics of swimming in the kiddie pool and a teenager can be interested with zip-lining.
  • Locate unique activities for your kids; resorts such as Club Mahindra Goa have numerous water sports on the beachfront while their property at Munnar, Kerala arranges for quad-biking through the tea gardens.



4. Kids learn in the most interactive environment possible

With the advent of technology in classrooms, kids are able to visualize what they learn. But learning is enriched further when experienced first-hand, like on travel.

  • When you visit historical sites, your child gets a history and a geography lesson.
  • New words in the local language could increase your child’s vocabulary. Your child can also observe an entire ecosystem in action through observation (For example, Club Mahindra Yercaud allows its guests to take a tour around a coffee plantation).


5. It’s great for their health

After suffering from the polluted air in our cities, we need to give our kids a break and a chance for their health to rejuvenate.

  • Breathing in the clean air around vacation spots allows them to recharge their batteries, just like ours.
  • The time and attention they get as a family on a vacation makes them feel wanted and happy.
  • Family-friendly resorts like Club Mahindra are a great choice to enjoy a holiday with your kids as they’re far from the main holiday cities and have tons of activities for the entire family.

So the next time you want to gift your little one a new toy, hold back. Gift an experience for a lifetime instead!


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