The Cutest Pregnancy Shoot And Canine Story You Will Read Today!

The Cutest Pregnancy Shoot And Canine Story You Will Read Today!

30 Jan 2017 | 2 min Read

Baby Chakra

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We at BabyChakra are about all things mommies- daddies, babies and pregnancy! And while we were at it doing our usual, we stumbled on this heartwarming pregnancy story on that made us go ‘Aww…’! Here is sharing the tale that took our social media feeds by storm over the last weekend. A story about pets, parenting and loving your family, dogs included!

A story about the balancing parent act between your baby and pet, about parents -to-be who firmly believed in sharing their world with their furry family.      

This is about a Bengaluru-based couple; Aditya Raheja and Sanjana Madappa who were expecting their son Ayan, when everyone – from doctors to family and friends – told them to get rid of their dogs. But Sanjana, who works at an animal welfare organisation, refused to do it. Instead, they went ahead and shot the cutest pregnancy photo shoot possible with all their furry friends.

This pregnancy photo shoot is not only the cutest thing you will see but also the best possible example one can set for the coming generation! After all what is this world if not shared?


Take a look for some pupinspiration



We are a furry family!



Spread the sisterhood



We are all waiting…



In a social media post by Shravan Krishnan, the owner of Hotel for Dogs, Sanjana perfectly sums the story and this is on quote, “Not without my dogs!”


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