Rock And Roll With Letter R!

Rock And Roll With Letter R!

We are almost at the end of our, Letter of the week series with just a handful alphabets left in queue! If you haven’t seen the previous letters, please find them here.

This week I am going to share with you some really simple, fun and hands-on ways to learn all about the letter R! So let’s dive in ☺

Here is an overview of our shelf…



Lets have a closer look at the activity trays…

As always, we like to start off with tracing of sandpaper letter (in print as well as cursive).



Next is our object tray with different objects starting with the letter sound “r” (rainbow, rhinoceros, rabbit, rectangle, raddish, rolling pin.



Next, R is for yummy raisins – so I have a fine motor work, where my son had to poke toothpicks in each of the raisin (he also had an equally fun time, eating the raisins off the toothpick!



R is also for color “red” – for this work I gave my son some red food colouring (in powder form). He made a red soultion of it using some water. A perfect practical life work for the little hands :)



After that we did a fun play dough activity of creating the letter R (lowercase, uppercase) using clay.



After that we did some fun dot marker work to help my son learn the formation of the leter R.


R is also for rock – so I added a fun rock-scrubbing work on the shelf – with some soap, water and brush. (This was undoubtedly the most favourite work).



And the rock scrubbing work got extending into rock-coloring activity:)


R is also for road signs (you can get the printables on my blog for free) – we used these road sign printables in our car / traffic signal pretend play game!! Good way to inculcate civic sense in your child.  



So that concludes our letter R week. You can watch this in a video format for more details and I will see you all next week ☺



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