Baby Skin Care Needs Met at Your Doorstep…

Baby Skin Care Needs Met at Your Doorstep…

6 Feb 2017 | 3 min Read

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While you mothers are constantly flooded with baby products that promise to care for your baby, here is finally a brand that makes more than just promises. While Mama Earth certainly cares for your baby’s skin it also guarantees products that are 100% safe, natural and organic!  

The best part being, these products are now available in custom made packs for individual needs. Check them out…


The Bath Pack

This Mama Earth Bath Pack designed exclusively to meet your baby’s bathing needs, is everything your baby’s bath time should look like! While the Gentle Shampoo will ensure that your baby’s hair and scalp are cleansed to the T, the Nourishing Body Wash will gently cleanse your baby from head to toe and keep their skin soft and nourished. Made in 100% toxin free formula, the shampoo keeps your baby’s hair in good shape and the body wash takes care of those sensitive little eyes and skin!

Add Mama Earth’s The Bath Pack to your cart for some bubbling fun!


The Care Pack

Mama Earth’s Care Pack – loaded with Massage oil and the Diaper rash cream – is custom designed to take care of your baby’s skin issues. Mama Earth understands your baby’s moisturizing needs and that is precisely why they bring together the goodness of natural oils like sesame, almond and jojoba oils in this relaxing baby massage oil. The pack also includes a zinc oxide based non-petroleum cream that will take care of your baby’s bum and keep it from rashes.

Add Mama Earth’s Care Pack to your cart for soothing baby skin experience!


The Action Pack

Keeping its promise of loving your child’s skin as much as you do, Mama Earth’s Action Pack brings you a Mineral Sunscreen and a moisturizing lotion for your little one’s daily skin care. While the sunscreen with its SPF 20+ and non-irritant formula is ideal to guard your baby’s sensitive skin from the sun. The moisturizer is enriched with the goodness of Shea butter, Aloe, Vitamin E and Jojoba oil to protect baby skin from dryness and irritation..

Add Mama Earth’s Action Pack to your cart for velvet soft baby skin.


The Protect Pack

Further to its promise of caring for your baby’s skin as much as you do – Mama Earth brings you its Protect pack. Well equipped to guard your baby against both, the sun and the bugs – the pack contains an insect repellant the mineral sunscreen. Powered by natural essential aromatic oils like Citronella, Peppermint and Lemon Eucalyptus; the DEET free insect repellant prepares your baby to deal with them bullies, the mosquitoes and flies. And the sunscreen allows your baby to crawl out and explore the world without the fear of sunburn!

Add Mama Earth’s Protect Pack to your cart to guard your baby’s skin against harmful elements.


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