F-WOW’ing It With Snehal!

F-WOW’ing It With Snehal!

30 Jul 2014 | 3 min Read

Baby Chakra

Author | 501 Articles

Meet: Snehal Agarwal Sharma

Home: Mumbai

Owner: Flexi-Work Options for Women – F-WOW; FB community of 5500+ mums.

“I love BabyChakra because….it is informative, clutter-free and well-designed. It has some great contributors and some authentic recommendations tried and tested by other mothers.. who would doubt such recommendations?”



It is a confusing journey and I have learnt to keep doing the necessary even if in the bargain I end up looking like a villain in front of my child. Just have faith that a child’s love for his mother is unwavering and in the end he will turn only to you for comfort. Don’t give in to easy temptations, be tenacious in imparting the right values and harness as much goodness you can in your child.


My Mom Inc. Story: Like many other mothers I too faced the dilemma of whether to continue or quit my job, once my daughter, Saesha, was born, but thankfully with great support system I was able to resume my full time job. As I entered this new world of motherhood I gradually found myself, both virtually and physically, among groups of women who wanted to work but couldn’t leave the confines of their homes due to certain priorities.

The women were well-educated with excellent qualifications but low on self-esteem. That is when it struck me to start an FB group that could cater to the requirements of such women. And today, along with my full-time job, I run this FB group ‘Flexi-Work Options for Women’ or F-WOW, as I like to call it, which not only provides flexi-jobs but also flexi-business opportunities that are low on investment but high on quality and content.

Unlike other platforms I refrain from sharing data entry, copy-pasting, MLM and click-and-earn jobs. In a short span of 6 months my group has more than 5000 members and I have been covered by DNA and a few women inspiring blog. I have also participated or invited to as speaker/ panelist to a lot of women forums. Going forward, I plan to start nurturing young businesses and help them grow, provide genuine business ideas with customized solutions. In the bargain, the members will also be provided with unique remunerative options.



Advice/tips for fellow moms: Give your business time to grow and do not expect miracles overnight. Be a thorough professional and do your best to fulfill your commitments it to gain credibility. Personally, Take care of yourself and be sure to take out some me-time! Also take up a passion as that adds an extra zest and spice in life that stays with you forever.


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