Book Review: Aliens In Underpants Save The World!

Book Review: Aliens In Underpants Save The World!

14 Feb 2017 | 2 min Read

Claire Freedman and Ben Cort’s Aliens in underpants save the world is an interesting book, and if you have enjoyed their first book – Aliens love underpants – you will adore this one too!



With this book, the Aliens are back with their love for underpants. And this time around, they are on a mission. A great mission to save the world!



Aliens are short of underpants. And where can they find them? At one place, of’ course! The Earth! So they are on their way to the Earth, when they realize a giant meteorite is heading towards the Earth too.



They know they need to save the human planet, or they will never see another underpant again in their life. And, they have only a few hours to save it too. So what do they do?



They raid stores and steal knickers, sneak inside houses and pull bloomers out of drawers, and take underpants down from washing lines.



Then they stitch a giant pair of underpants out of their loot. And, with the biggest underwear the universe has ever seen, they save the meteor from landing on Earth. Mission accomplished! The underpants saved the Earth! And aliens have secured their supply of underpants.


Even though the poem rhymes at places and doesn’t at others, kids won’t notice that. They are happy to only see what cute aliens are upto on every page.


The story is as funny as the illustrations are bright and colourful. My 5-year old is in love with anything otherworldly and extra-terrestrial. Also, God knows why, she loves underpant humour. Sigh! No wonder then, she enjoyed this book thoroughly. It’s a feel good story that every child will enjoy. 


So my verdict? Go for it!

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