Want Your Baby’s Skin Well Moisturized? Look Beyond A Moisturizer!

Want Your Baby’s Skin Well Moisturized? Look Beyond A Moisturizer!

28 Feb 2017 | 4 min Read

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We at BabyChakra are all about mom experiences. We deeply value our Mom community and draw strongly from each other’s life experiences. After all, moms know best!


Well, precisely why we post, share and convene very often on matters of common interest. And this time, it is about the universal need of moisturizing baby skin! Read on as some of our moms talk about their baby skin care concerns and the products that are meeting their baby moisturizing needs!   


Sweta Nagubandi of BabyChakra family tells us about the joys of having finally found a non-sticky moisturizing baby product – “Have tried the new range of Baby Dove products and I must say I can trust it with my baby’s skin. I really loved their soap! It is very mild to the baby’s skin and eyes. The moisturizing lotion has a soothing fragrance which is not very strong! Together the lotion and the soap made my baby’s skin look soft with its non-sticky formula and still managed to reduce dryness!


They also have baby wipes that  are alcohol free and are suitable to any skin! Diaper rash cream from Baby Dove is also effective. Do apply very little cream at regular intervals and you will see the change! A must try product for moms who have been Dove lovers themselves!”


Another MomStar from the BabyChakra community – Priya Sood raises her concern with the baby skin care products and how she has found respite in one product that is mild and safe in the same go. “When it comes to my baby’s skin I had  one main concern-..  The thought that every person has different skin type and so do babies. Then why do I never find baby products for different skin types? That is when i tried Baby Dove’s sensitive moisture soap., The Baby Dove soap specially developed for babies with sensitive skin feels creamy and soft. It was really gentle for my baby’s skin and is hypoallergenic, which means there is minimum risk of allergies. . I’m quite happy with it!”


A working professional and a doting mother – also a part of the BabyChakra mom community – Aarti Rastogi tells us how she is happy about trusting her baby girl with the same brand she trusts her own skin with – “I have used Dove myself, for quite some time and I am happy that I can trust my daughter with their baby product range  the Baby Dove bar is so rich in moisture it is like bathing my baby with a moisturizing cream that gently leaves her skin cleansed and nourished. It is also the one baby soap that has not left my baby girl’s skin dry post the bath. Instead, her exceptionally delicate skin looks deeply nourished and soft now. So glad to have found a bathing bar, that is safe and is a lavish serving of moisture!”   


Well, that is what MomStars have to say on their favourite baby soap bars and baby products at large.


You can write to us about your favourites and share your experiences and opinions; all you need is to join the mommy gang!


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