Here’s What no One Told You About Motherhood And Depression

Like every child, every parent is different too – and so are their methodologies and ideologies. But there’s one thing that all parents would agree on –  Parenting is not always rainbows and butterflies, sometimes it’s also the rain and clouds. It is not unusual for parents to find themselves in circumstances where they struggle to get through!

But one aspect of newly embraced motherhood is that of PostPartum Depression or PPD. This PPD is like when the clouds decide to stay back for a long period of time. That is when it becomes a serious and grave issue, something every mother dreads. A lot of times, PPD goes unnoticed and undiagnosed, creating ripples of damage across lives.

Well, read on here as we get you a glimpse of what all happens when a mother is going through PPD. Watch, understand and take necessary measures..


1. When the little one has finally arrived, but you don’t feel  as affectionate or as lovey-dovey as you are  supposed to



2. The mountainous struggle between the constant feelings of being lonely …and the feeling of wanting everyone and everything to just go away!!



3. When you are really very tired, almost like every muscle, every bone in your body wants some rest, but you can’t sleep. When unwanted thoughts keep lingering on and you can’t shoo them away…


4. When you just want to be held, and he does just that! Just one of the few things that bring peace to your heart on difficult days



5. And the days when you are able to feel your baby’s smile steer through your pain and reach the warmth of your heart:



6. And everything looks worthwhile, looks beautiful



7. When you take that step and decide that life has to be in your control…



And then when finally things begin to change, for the better…

And each passing day brings you closer to the beautiful self you have always been!!



Being in depression is like falling into a deep dark pit and seeking therapy is like having someone offering a rope to pull you out from there. But along with holding on to the rope, one also needs to put in equal effort to come out of the pit. It takes equal parts of effort from the person managing the rope and the person trying to come up in order to combat the situation and end this misery. Seek support and help from family and friends and life can take a turn for the better, because sometimes, you need to take motherhood with a pinch of salt!! Happy Parenting to you!


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Comments (4)

its just the compromise of 1 year tht u hv to lukafter lo then ur baby becom ur real time partner...

So true and nicely narrated. Great job. Someone just stole my words. Hahaha Its just a phase and passes on making the person stronger than ever.

This is so well written.

so true.. i still want to go to a  place whr im with my baby and no one else..they say it takes a village to raise a child..nobody tells that the village will suck all the sanity out of you by telling u wat to do how to do wat to eat how to sleep how to blah blah blah..they ask u to take rest but never let u do so..i hv cried every other day for no reason .i wanted someone to hold me n say everything will be okay..u r doing great.but then time pased n im more than fine now.

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