6 Daddy Blooper Stories That Will Have You In Splits

6 Daddy Blooper Stories That Will Have You In Splits

10 Mar 2017 | 6 min Read

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As aptly captured by the Baby Dove Real Mothers Heard Survey, mothers undergo a lot of anxiety in the quest for being a ‘perfect’ parent to their little one… Well, so do the dads! And because dads tend to get side lined when it comes to parenthood, we decided to give them some limelight for a change. Here is doing just that – only this is in light of their dad bloopers!   


Don’t get us wrong! Just as great as they are, dads do leave us equally stumped! From crazy videos of dads and kids to insane memes, the internet is packed to the brim with daddy blooper moments. And do I feel bad about highlighting these bloopers? Naah! A good chuckle never harmed anyone!


Having said that, I see a lot of modern day dads chipping in to help out with the kids.  Sure they are lost and sometimes really clueless but it’s better than not having them around at all!


In fact, the Baby Dove’s Real Mothers Heard Survey states that nearly 32% mothers want the dads to spend more time with the babies!


So ladies, in support of all these dads, here is a fun compilation of stories that are from my own home and from our BabyChakra MomStars who have, as always, opened their hearts out and shared their stories with us.


These 5 stories don’t reinforce the clueless father stereotype but are simple and honest expressions of humour about fathers and dadhood.


So let’s celebrate fatherhood with these facepalm moments…


Daddy Blooper Story #1 From My Own Home

One day my husband decided to take my kids to the movies (mind you both of them) minus the mom, minus the nanny. I remember mentally rewarding brownie points to him when I first heard his idea!! All until the point when he called me, panic-stricken, from the theatre to say, “I lost our daughter” and then continued to, in the same breath, which was later laced with relief said, “I see her!”


So, here’s what happened. While he took the older one to the toilet, the younger one (she was almost three years) decided to go for a walk. It seems he left her sitting in the theatre with a ‘lady’ who looked like a ‘nice’ lady. Hmmm *major eye rolls here*!  


Daddy returned, only to find my younger one missing from her seat. On enquiring he found that ‘the nice lady’ was busy catering to her young son,  who had lost his popcorn! He lost my younger one for a full 1 minute… scariest 1 minute of his life he said!!


Daddy Blooper Story #2 As Told By MomStar Shweta Nagubandi

“One Sunday, baby and dad went for some miscellaneous shopping. Even before Daddy could park the car, madam opened the car door and jumped off towards the store. Daddy rushed immediately, but thankfully by this time, the vigilant security guard nearby held onto the baby. The baby was luckily safe and Daddy was able to park the car safely!” 
I’m so glad the baby is fine. This is a big ‘OOPS’ moment and Mommy Shweta still shivers at the thought of it!


Daddy Blooper Story # 3 In The Words Of MomStar Preeti Mittal

“My husband took my 3-year-old kid to the other side of road, while I was on the opposite side waiting to cross after traffic cleared. As he took out the car keys to open the door of the car, the little one decided to turn around and sprint back towards me from across the road! I shouted to raise an alarm and my husband caught our child in the nick of time. We shudder when we think about the scooter that just missed her.”


Oh dear! This one is a major ‘oops!’


Daddy Blooper Story #4 From A Mom Who Doesn’t Want To Be Named!

“Daddy was at home taking care of our 3-year-old daughter, while I was out finishing some gardening.  My husband was sipping beer and my daughter was basically just hanging around. He then set his glass down for a moment to go to the bathroom. My daughter was really smart for her age and knew not to touch things that weren’t hers. But I guess leaving the beer just out of her reach, made it too tempting to her. She grabbed a nearby chair and climbed up to grab his beer. I had walked in just as she took a sip and to my relief spat it out instantly! I’m glad she hated the taste!”

Baawaahaaa!!! This one had me rolling.


Daddy Blooper Story #5 From MomStar Nikita Rode

“One lucky morning, my hubby decided to help me out and drop our daughter off at the school bus stop. Not accustomed to it, he almost dropped her off in a school bus… which was not hers! In his defence, since most school buses are yellow, he was easily confused. It was only when he saw much older kids, in different uniforms, did he realize his folly and quickly corrected himself!” 


Daddy Blooper Story #6 Another One From My Own Home

“When the kids were younger, my husband loved carrying them on his shoulder. One fine day after a long exhausting picnic, the older one (just 3 then) said ‘Papa, I’m tired. Can you pick me up on your shoulders!’ Of course, our super hero dad obliged. He promptly ran my son into a really low ceiling and the little one walked around with a little bump on his forehead for a full day.” In the end, he ‘turned out fine.’ And I think somewhere, that’s the essence.


So, hang in there mothers, and be ready for many more ‘oops moments’ with daddy and baby! Your parenting journey is going to be filled with these laugh-away moments like these and many ups and downs. My experience has taught me that there is no right or wrong way of parenting, just your way! So, I leave all you moms with an inspiring perspective borrowed from Baby Dove that I completely believe in – trust your instincts, for a parent always knows what’s best for his/her child.


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