How to Know That Your Baby Has Sensitive Skin

How to Know That Your Baby Has Sensitive Skin

Sensitive is the word that comes to mind when asked to describe a baby’s skin! A newborn baby’s skin is a thing of wonder – smooth, delicate, fragile, soft etc. These little bundles of joy have the most delicate skin but some of them seem to have extra sensitive skin that is even more susceptible to damage than other baby’s skins.

But how do you know and determine if a baby has extra-sensitive skin?


Well, here are a few ways to gauge:  

  • The first sign to check is to see if they are prone to recurrent rashes or dry skin (despite keeping them well-moisturised).
  • Babies who are born with extra-sensitive skin may be easily irritate, hurt by soaps, lotions and even detergents through their clothes!
  • Their skin changes with season changes or temperature changes
  • Skin becomes very dry  post  bath.
  • Have allergic reactions to certain foods – rashes breaking out, pimples or acne formations.
  • Their Skin reacts to certain fragrances
  • Bug bites aggravate to infections or rashes.

If the baby’s skin reacts to any of the above mentioned, it is a clear indicator that the baby has extra sensitive skin.


Here are some common skin issues that babies with extra sensitive skin face:

1.  Eczema

If the skin on the elbow, chest, behind the knees or arms turn red, breaks into a rash and is itchy, it can be eczema your baby is suffering from. It can be triggered by pollen or even cigarette smoke or some food that the baby is allergic to in their diet.

To cure eczema, daily baths are prescribed but usage of soap and shampoo should be such that the baby need not sit in soapy water. Use gentle cleansing and moisturising products for your baby.  Use a soft towel to pat dry the baby and quickly apply moisturizer. The baby should be dressed in light, loose clothing.


2.  Diaper Rash

Diaper-wearing is a must for babies so keep a watch on that little bum. If your baby’s bottom is red, it is an indication that they have a diaper rash. It happens if the diaper is too tight or a wet diaper is left on the baby for too long. It could also be that the baby is allergic to a certain brand of diaper. Even a baby wipe can cause this problem so choose and pick a baby wipe that contains glycerine and moisturising properties like Baby Dove Rich Moisture Baby Wipes that are made to gently cleanse and instantly moisturise. The wipes are alcohol free and as gentle as water and effectively remove impurities. Pat dry the baby’s bum and apply a diaper cream for rash. Our bets are on the Baby Dove Diaper Rash Cream that neutralises pH in seconds and provides instant comfort from the first use.


3. Heat Rash

If you happen to see pink or red bumps appearing on your baby’s body, especially in the sweat-prone regions, i.e. armpits, neck, diaper area then your baby has the heat rash!

The weather is completely to blame for this as humidity causes rashes to occur and surprisingly, in winter if the baby is over-bundled into winter clothing, this too can cause this rash to appear. Firstly, take off the extra layers of the clothing items - Wipe with a wet cloth in the affected regions and then pat dry. Do not, at any cost, clean with a towel.


How can you protect your baby from these skin problems?

  • Use specific soaps for babies that are designed for those having sensitive skin
  • Check for dermatologist and paediatrician tested
  • Use fragrance-less mild detergents to wash baby’s clothes and separate adult clothing from baby’s
  • Cut down the bath time.

To sum up sensitive skin care: You must keep your baby well-hydrated, and their skin well moisturized at all times. But most of all, you must bank on skin care products that are custom made to suit the needs of sensitive baby skin like the Baby Dove Sensitive Moisture  Bar from their skin care range!

The Sensitive Moisture Bar has been developed to take extra special care of babies with even the most sensitive skin. It is hypoallergenic so as to minimise the risk of allergies.  The pH neutral bar is milder and more moisturising than traditional baby soaps.

Happy parenting!


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