Summer Chilling Ideas For Newborns

Summer Chilling Ideas For Newborns

The Sun’s game is on and Summer is as hot as ever. If it worries you to think how your newborn is going to cope with it, then worry no more. We have some quick and easy tips to help your little one beat the heat, while they explore this new world outside your womb.


The temperature in your womb is about 37 degrees and that is close to how warm your baby’s body temperature should be outside as well. Something between 36 degree Celsius and 37.5 degree Celsius is the optimum temperature for little ones. Little babies can only sweat from certain areas of the skin and cannot regulate their own body temperature.  

Though some parents prefer having the newborn stay mostly in an air- conditioned room, it is advisable to frequently check the palm and feet of the baby to ensure that they are not too chilly. Let their palm and feet be your guide on how warm or cold your baby is feeling - If the palm and feet are too sweaty, the baby is feeling hot, if the palm and feet are chilly, the baby is too cold. Palm and feet should be just slightly warm, indicating that the baby is snug in a comfortable temperature.

Here are some super simple tips on how and what to choose for dressing your baby in summers...


Cotton quotient

It is important to let your baby’s skin breathe. You should therefore, make sure you pick clothing made in pure and soft cotton. Avoid diapers and use pure cotton nappies for your baby’s bottom, since the material of most diapers can make the baby uncomfortable.

If it is a very hot summer day, choose something light and airy; like cotton Jhabalas with plain cotton pyjamas work well for boys and girls. Girls however can also sport a sundress. If the day is breezy, you may want to add in some cotton socks. Ditch the pyjamas if you don’t feel the need.




A lot of newborns love to be swaddled and there’s little reason why you shouldn’t! Use a thin, cotton cloth for swaddling your baby. Keep a check on their face if it is flushing red, signaling that they are suffocating or feeling very hot.



Hats, caps and socks

Ideally, it is good to avoid any socks and caps for your newborn in a fairly hot environment. However, if the child is spending most of his or her time in an air-conditioned room, socks can be helpful. Also, you might want to try a hat for protection from the sun in case you are going outdoors.


To wear or not to wear

If the little one is home, leaving them in a simple cotton vest and underwear is perfectly fine. Ditch the vest as well, if you deem suitable. But in case you are stepping out of the house, try to cover the baby as much as you can, leaving little scope for the harmful UV rays to damage exposed skin of your little one.


Always use hosiery and natural materials to dress your baby, preferably in light colors and completely ignore synthetics and other such materials that make the skin feel itchy.

In case you are visiting someone, it is a good idea to carry some extra clothing in the bag, in case their home is cooler than yours, or they prefer using the air condition on a temperature lower than what the baby is used to!

Do let us know if these tips were useful for you, in the comments section below.


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