Summer Style Guide For When You Are Pregnant And Showing!

Summer Style Guide For When You Are Pregnant And Showing!

Ladies, put on your sunglasses and say Hello, to the sunny days that are back from their vacation! As summer comes knocking to our doors, it’s time again for cool drinks and even cooler summer dresses. But wait, are you pregnant this summer? Well, then it’s definitely time to come out from behind the curtains ie: those winter jackets and sweaters and let the world notice the bump. Flaunt your baby bump with pride and dress appropriately for summers.

Up your fashion quotient with these simple maternity fashion tips to dress your bump this summer...


Pastels and laces

Swear by the pastels! Physics says that the lighter the tone of colour, the lesser heat it will absorb, keeping the body temperature balanced. And while a lot of us feel extremely hot during pregnancy, wearing a soothing colour may be all that’s needed.  A comfy dress in any of your favourite pastel colours, made in lace or a light weight fabric like cotton should do the trick.



KISS – Keep It Simple, Sweetheart!!

Drop the weight, from your fabric! Ladies, when pregnant you need to wear lightweight fabrics - you can chop the sleeves and some of those frills at the neckline, even some length from your dress. Instead wear something that’s super comfortable and gets you in and out of itself with the slightest of efforts.

Having said that, Pregnancy should not be the time when you shy away from being the fashionista you are! As long as it’s comfortable and breezy – it should be in your wardrobe!



Fun and floral

Flowers and floral prints can never go out of fashion! Pick fabrics in light colours and  floral prints and get comfortable maxi dresses made out of them. These maxi dresses are loose fit and easy flowing - ain’t that just so appropriate when your tummy is growing!     



Empire Waists

If you have been a fan of Empire waist dresses then you already have some stacked up for summer. But if you are not, it’s time you add one to your wardrobe. Striped, empire waist dresses, paired with a sleek belt - not only will it make the dress comfortable but also make it look super chic and stylish.



Lose it

For once, ask your chudidaar’s and leggings to rest in the cupboard while you make some heads turn around with your loose pataiala salwaars and palazzos. Remember the breezy aspect? Plus, wider bottoms ease the bulging bump and make way for it to comfortably fit in!



The Umbrella

A full length dress, a mini dress or a salwar kameez – umbrellas cuts are everywhere! One can never talk enough about how comfortable the cut can be when you’re expecting, especially if you are far along in your pregnancy and your bump isn’t in mood of hide and seek anymore!



Quick tips:

Apart from all the above fashion advices; the most important thing to do is to add your personal style to your maternity wardrobe! If you want reds along with the lilacs, include them in the wardrobe, but remember to keep it as comfortable as possible, even if you are out for a party.  Flaunt your summer maternity outfits with a pair of shades and give the sun a run for its shine.

Whenever you move out, remember to carry a Sun Shirt or layer up every visible patch of skin with copious amounts of sunblock to prevent causing any harm to your skin.

Maternity is no longer a period where you pretty much begin your sabbatical from social life. Add some zing to your life and your collection and shy away not, when you are pregnant and showing! Happy Summers!


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