9 Less Talked-About Everyday Catastrophes In The Life Of A New Mom

9 Less Talked-About Everyday Catastrophes In The Life Of A New Mom

27 Mar 2017 | 3 min Read

Prisha Lalwani (Mummasaurus)

Author | 71 Articles

They give you numerous ‘helpful’ gifts at the baby shower, they tell you about what to carry in your hospital bag, they give you all sorts of advices about what to do ‘when the baby arrives’ too. But no one and NO ONE prepares you for the phase that you face after delivering your bundle of joy! Almost all moms go through the phase of ‘feeling stupid’ or ‘feeling forgetful’ all the time and wonder if it will ever change.

Compiled here are some examples of what happens to a lady when she becomes an amateur mom!  Catastrophes that often get better of her. Read on as we look at some of the untold problems of newly found motherhood



1. When you just keep forgetting everyone’s names – including your baby’s! (Gosh, you argued with your husband for days to finally keep the one thing you wanted… but what was it? It was something nice for sure…! )



2. When people say things and you hear them, but can’t understand what they meant. You try really hard to focus but it still feels like gibberish



3. How you deal with unsolicited ‘Self proclaimed Expert’ advice. Obviously after they have turned around… (as mature as it can get!)



 4. When you end up crying and laughing at the same time and you know absolutely nothing why or what is happening!



5. When you just don’t understand why your baby is crying and you face a breakdown yourself! Dude, either start talking and tell us what’s wrong with you, or for God’s sake, please  stop crying!



6. When you are losing hair and you feel like you might as well donate them to ‘Locks of Love’ and they’ll do good to somebody, because apparently they are doing no good to you!



7. When you have completely run out of your annual stock of logic, and can’t figure out why your clothes have been shrinking.



8. When your husband is giving subtle (and obvious) ‘hints’, and you actually consider going ahead, but the mind screams – “Lack of sleep!! Do not ENGAGE!! I repeat, DO Not Engaggeee!!”


9. When one article says do this but another article says do that – can someone please step up and tell us  which of these ‘research and experience backed’ articles is correct?



10. When people come over ‘to pay a visit’, forgetting to consider that you have recently delivered a baby and need some rest, but you have to be courteous nonetheless! No problemo!

The good news is that these everyday glitches won’t last long and the even-better-news is that just in a matter of time it will begin to look like funny incidents of life. You will soon resume your sanity and things will seem like they are back in control, but till that point in time, our final word of advice is – have a blast, while it lasts!

Happy Mommyhood Ladies!


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