Top Movies For Kids… With a Life Message

Top Movies For Kids… With a Life Message

30 Mar 2017 | 4 min Read

Nandini Aravind

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With schools closing for the much cherished summer vacations, your kids must be looking forward for those extra hours beyond curfew time to do the things like to do. Vacations allow that… the freedom to do non-school things. So when there are days filled with complete chaos, there are hours of absolute boredom. Let your kiddos not get bogged down with boredom and screen these movies from our exclusive pick at BabyChakra.

So, grab some popcorn and have fun at the movies right in the comfort of your home.


The Jungle Book (2016) (JUNGLE BOOK MOVIE PIC/ POSTER)

I remember this as one of first animation movies I had ever seen. Every kid wanted to be just like Mowgli, run around in a “chaddi” all day long in the mud, live with the wolves and best of all have a panther as a best friend. The movie is that tells a story of a human boy Mowgli living in the jungle with his adoptive wolf family and Panther buddy – Bagheera who is like a father figure to him. The movie takes you through Mowgli’s journey and his adventures as he meets interesting characters like Baloo the Bear who only wants Honey, Kaa the sly Anaconda who wants to eat Mowgli, and the despot orangutan King Louie who wants Mowgli to tell him the secret on how humans create fire. Mowgli in this journey learns how he can defeat the mighty Sher Khan and, also realises who he truly is.

What your child can learn from it?

Apart from strong friendships and family bonding, the movie stresses on finding your individuality. Believing in oneself and ones abilities. The movie also teaches kids not to be afraid and face obstacles with courage and ingenuity.

To watch Jungle Book, click here 


Kung-Fu Panda (Part 1)

One of the most loved movies and a gender-neutral outlook. The movie is about the story of Po the Panda who loves Kung-Fu and dreams about mastering it all. But since he’s well a Panda, he doesn’t quite fit into the stereotyped martial art hero. His fate one day draws him to the Forbidden Kingdom where he is chosen as the next “Dragon Warrior” to fight evil and bring peace to the valley.

What your child can learn from it?

The movie is about following your dream and going for it, even when others label you as a failure. It also teaches kids about perseverance just like Po who goes through a torturous training but still doesn’t quit. The biggest teaching of all is that you are that special element that can make your life wonderful.

To watch Kung-Fu Panda (Part 1), click here 


Kung-Fu Panda ( Part 2)

In the second movie  Po now a well trained Dragon Warrior. Pro now has to go face to face with the evil Lord Shen, here he also battles a hidden childhood secret and be in peace with it.

What your child can learn from it?

Children can learn about how important having a family is. Again the movie is all about teamwork, friendship and also about master-student relationship.

To watch Kung-Fu Panda (Part 2), click here



One if the first movies by Pixar to revolve round a female character. The movie is about Princess Merida who isn’t your conventional princess, she shoots arrows, burps and loves to leave her hair loose and wild. The movie is mainly about her rebellious relationship with her mother and how one wish creates chaos to that relationship and her adventure to find a solution to it. The movie may seem quite daunting to kids below 6yrs.  

What your child can learn from it?

If you can get past couple of scary scenes, the movie is nice mother -daughter story and quite inspiring especially to girls. Seeing a princess who isn’t stereotypical is what this generation kids need. To be adventures but also take ownership of your mistakes and make it right without the need of a Prince Charming. The movie teaches to be well “Brave” in the most difficult odds.  

To watch Brave, click here


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