5 Super Simple Ways to Guard Your Baby’s Skin This Summer

5 Super Simple Ways to Guard Your Baby’s Skin This Summer

3 Apr 2017 | 5 min Read

Nikita Banerjee Bhagat

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Who doesn’t like to dress up their baby in those summer frocks and summer suits? Those soft, chubby arms and legs look so cute as we ready them for their summer wardrobe. But here’s a catch – for a little baby, every new season is a new learning, i.e. they will experience summer heat for the first time and therefore, we need to be extra careful with how we dress them and protect them from rashes, allergies, heat and sun at large!


So here are five important skin care tips to help keep your baby happy and healthy throughout summer:


1. Protection from sun

We all love to be outdoors with our babies but the sun is really harsh for their delicate skin and eyes. Hence, the best time to take the baby outdoors in summer is early morning until 10 AM or late afternoon, i.e. post 4:30 PM when the sun is ebbing.

Avoid the harsh afternoon sun and ensure that the baby is protected from direct sunlight. Use a pram that has a canopy that will act as a shade for the baby. You may also use a cloth to cover the pram but make sure there is enough room for proper ventilation.


2. Water

When we think summer, water is the first ingredient that comes to one’s mind. For babies under 6 months of age, mother’s milk is sufficient.  Babies older than 6 months should be given water only after it is boiled (even though you may use an aqua guard or RO). In summer, babies should drink at least 12 ounces of water to prevent dehydration.

Keeping them cool is equally important. Bathing them twice a day is recommended.  However, you should keep a lookout for dehydration symptoms.

To ensure that your baby stays clean and also moisturised, give this regime a try:

  • Give your baby a shower in lukewarm water
  • Use a mild baby soap that also provides superior moisturisation like Baby Dove’s Rich Moisture Baby Bar. The Baby Dove bar is hypoallergenic so as to minimise the risk of allergies and also pH neutral. Moreover, it replenishes the essential nutrients lost during cleansing and help preserve skin barrier function, meaning more moisture and nutrients stay in
  • Follow this up with nourishing massage using the Baby Dove Rich Moisture Lotion, which soothes dry skin from the very first use. It gently moisturises baby’s skin for 24 hours leaving your baby’s skin extra soft and delicately scented


3. Heat rashes

Heat rashes are common in babies and this increases in summer; lookout for tiny red bumps on the neck, arms and face of the baby. They can be itchy and make the baby uncomfortable, and cranky.

To ease them of these rashes, you can:

  • Baby clothes should be made of soft and breathable cloth (preferably cotton) and they should be loose fitting
  • Avoid diapers when at home as this will lessen the chances of diaper rashes
  • In case of diaper rashes, use the Baby Dove Rich Moisture Diaper Rash cream that neutralises the pH in seconds and provides instant comfort from the first use. The cream provides immediate protection from the diaper rash, and soothes baby skin leaving it soft and smooth. It also contains skin protectants to form a protective layer that shields baby’s delicate skin from the causes of irritation. Keep the baby in cool surroundings
  • If you carry your baby around in baby carriers, avoid it in summers
  • If you use the air conditioner at home, maintain a normal temperature of 25 degrees


4. Protection from mosquitoes and bugs

Summer is when the bugs and other creepy-crawlies thrive. Mosquitoes become a menace too. Hence, mosquito and bug bites are common in this season.

To protect the baby’s skin from these problems:

  • Use the right bug spray to protect the baby from bugs and mosquitoes
  • AC filters or coolers should be regularly cleaned
  • Keep the house clear of spider webs and dust mites


5. Dress them in the right clothes

Baby clothes are a rage, i.e. parents and family, friends even – everyone wants to buy a baby new clothes all the time! But these clothes should be in sync with the baby’s skin requirements during summer.

  • Ensure you don’t overdress the baby in summer, i.e. avoid layers
  • Use soft cotton clothing that are loose and airy
  • If venturing out, make the baby wear light-colored clothing
  • Babies below 6 months should be kept well shielded from direct sunlight as their skin is thin
  • Don’t take the baby out in the sun for long periods


Use these tips to keep your baby healthy and happy, and enjoy the vibrant, bright summers!


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