Meet Super Mom Neha

Meet Super Mom Neha

A few lines about yourself, your family and your regular day job

I am a believer in magic of believing! I am a true Sagittarian by horoscope, character and traits. Born in a big joint family and married in a close small knitted family which comprises of my mother in law, husband and my 7 year young twin sons - Vyom & Ved. I have 12 years of experience in Training & Development. Currently working as National Sales Capability Head for a liquor giant and as RJ & Voice over artist by passion.

Few lines about why you started Mumo, what are your motivations were and what made you passionate about starting this?


My Mommy Break & now a passion: MuMo (A popular FB group of Mumbai Moms)

MUMO was started with a very selfish was my personal need for a break, to meet up likeminded people and to socialize!

And so the Mumo tagline 'Ek break toh Bantaa hai '

It was on 14th June 2014 that I discussed this idea with some known and unknown people when I discovered that it wasn't just me but many more... especially moms who were looking out for something similar !That's when I gave birth to MUMO - an acronym for 'Mumbai Moms'.

MUMO is not a commercial model at all, we are open to tie up with entrepreneurs, venues, activity centers, lounge, events - only if they pass on some benefit to our Mumoians. Our FB & WhatsApp Groups are free to join; our Grand meets are charged on cost to cost basis and sub-meets are free.

So yes I have an entrepreneurial approach but I am not an entrepreneur yet!

What does Mumo stand for/ mean for mums. Why should other mums join?MuMo is for every Mumbai Mom! Why?

MUMO stands for FAB- Friends, Advantages & Break.

All the Moms who live in Mumbai should join MUMO because no other virtual platform can give you a larger physical connect, like minded FRIENDS who live in your own city, own suburb and even in their own neighbourhood. As MUMO is a large group, we get larger ADVANTAGES which we pass on to all Mumoians. For eg.Friday Faayda is an online mela in which entrepreneurs pass exclusive discounts and offers for MUMO moms. On Wednesday we have Budh Bazar which is to support Mompreneurs. Whereas on other days we cover many topics of Mum's interest like recipes, Craft, DIY etc. And lastly, no one else really bothers about Mommy BREAK but us!

What activities have you done so far (with pics) + Vision for mumo's future.

MuMo: Activities & Vision

Mumo started just two month back and each month we do a Grand Mumo  Meet with new objectives and new themes.

Our first Meet @ Andheri we had a DJ Theme Party for moms and kids of all ages which had many things like-DJ party, Food, Image Consulting Session, Magic show for Kids and lots of Gifts ! This month party @ Mulund was themed 'Bollywood' and we saw Mums and Kids dressed up as Bollywood characters. Bollywood Décor, clapperboard, Props, Photo booth, games, Puppet show and the Bollywood trophies added to the mood.

VISION for MUMO's future will be a beautiful surprise! ONLY PROMISE ... MUMS WILL LOVE IT.

I love BabyChakra because…. it's a one stop solution for all the quick, important questions parents have around baby related services. Mothers are always in a continuous dilemma about whom to trust and whom not – BabyChakra is a trusted answer. It's a very unique & innovative concept in India. I really missed something like this 7 years back, when my twin boys were born.

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