10 Signs You Are Pregnant But Just Refused To See It

10 Signs You Are Pregnant But Just Refused To See It

Pregnancy – the phase in a woman’s life that is both over-rated and underrated; depending on which side you are at. The more you hear about it, the more curious it makes you. While some plan to conceive, for some the news comes as a surprise. But if you are indeed pregnant, then your system is definitely trying to tell you so, one way or the other.

Here are some early signs of  pregnancy that  prove, your body tried telling you, you are pregnant, even before you tested positive!  



Headaches and backaches – these two devils come in as early as they can, and leave you only ... well ok, they never leave you. They stick with you for lives to come!



You feel like your busts have grown bigger, or tender or sore, or worse – or all of these. It may make you wonder if you need new Bras and we all know how the idea of shopping makes us feel. Wee!



Mild spotting may occur, making you think that may be the visitors have come in for a visit sooner (or sometimes quite later than the expected date) this month. But the visitor will say a quick hello and vanish, making you wonder what exactly happened?



You end up feeling sick in general – you may feel nauseous, or dizzy, and extremely tired or exhausted. For some of us, morning sickness comes in so early, you don’t need a pregnancy test! But with all this fatigue, all you want is to lie down in your bed and just rest.



Frequent urination may also set in really early in your pregnancy. No matter how much you want to ‘control’ the feeling, you have to frequent the loo!



You feel Very Hungry, and no matter how much you want to count your calories, you won’t be able to. And if you take our advice – eat all that you like and all that you want for this is the best time to eat without worrying about the weight and calorie numbers!



Your skin starts getting oily (or Glowy!) One of the perks of being pregnant – radiant skin! woot



Mood Swings – you will experience an array of emotions in the same minute – your emotions will be inexplicable to yourself, let alone the misery they will leave others in.



Some of us get such strong instincts, that we just ‘know’ that we are pregnant. It may be difficult to explain to someone else, but deep inside, we are sure about the presence of a little life thriving inside us.



And when the news is confirmed!! Momma – you are pregnant!!



Pregnancy news is always overwhelming!

So ladies, if you have been experiencing any of these pregnancy symptoms, it’s time to get yourself checked! It could be good news.

And if you have been there and done that - tell us which of these symptoms you felt early on, before the test came out positive. Share with us in the comments section below!


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