Movie Playlist Part 2 For Your Child’s Summer Vacation

Movie Playlist Part 2 For Your Child’s Summer Vacation

As part of our Movie series, where we create a movie playlist a week for your child’s weekly dose of entertainment! Since summer vacations are the best time to keep your kids engaged with good movies, that can also teach them a life lesson or two; here are three more movies you can screen for your little ones...   



This is a movie that is set in a world where animals have moved well beyond preys and predators and live in harmony in fact they are also fully clothed. The story revolves around a chirpy Bunny Judy Hopps whose sole goal in life is to be a Cop which is unrealistic because in Zootropolis usually bunnies aren't considered Police material. Judy  suddenly stumbles on a case to why 14 mammals  were suddenly missing after attacking other animals. To get to the bottom of it she reluctantly needs to work with a sly Fox Nick who is a cheat and hustler but has contacts that will help her solve her case.

What kids can learn from it:

The movie can be bit rough and violent for kids below 4years. Apart from that kids can learn about ambition and striving towards it from Judy. Also about moving away from stereotypes like being dumb because you're a bunny, how this can be interpreted in human life is something that can be discussed with kids. Overall a good light movie to watch.


To watch Zootopia, click here


Finding Nemo

It is a touching father-son relationship, a clownfish named Marlin is overprotective of his son Nemo after losing his wife and other eggs to a predator. Though Nemo has a dysfunctional fin he grows up to be curious and adventures. He is however often stopped by his overprotective father. One day unfortunately nemo gets lost and is captured by some humans. Marlin with only a small clue to find nemo has to leave his coral home and venture into the deep sea to find nemo. On his way he meets Dory a blue tang fish with a short term memory problem. Together this unlikely duo faces obstacles to reach nemo and in turn form a strong bond.

What kids can learn from it:

One of the most heartwarming movies that kids will love. Here kids and parents can learn about parenthood and what are the limits of being protective and how to strike a good balance without letting the kids lose out on learning new things. Kids can also learn that it's ok to have disabilities. And that you can still achieve what you want. Also nemo shows a lot of courage and perseverance which kids can pick from him.

To watch Nemo, click here 



This movie is about a septuagenarian named Carl and his wife Ellie who since their childhood have wanted to visit Paradise Falls in South America, which according to a famous explorer Charles Muntz was the most beautiful thing. After Ellie’s death Carl decides to make her dream come true and ties up hundreds of hellium balloons to their house enabling it to fly to Paradise Falls. Unknown to Carl his neighbor a young boy Russell who is a wildlife explorer gets stuck on board the house. Carl is forced to take Russell along with him on his journey that unfolds many adventures.


What kids can learn from it: Kids learn that friendship doesn't only mean being friends with the same aged folk. You can be good friends with your grandparents and older relatives too. The movie teaches the kids about teamwork. Parents can also teach kids about pursuing their goals and dreams. Movie teaches kids to have their own adventures and learn from them.


To watch Nemo, click here

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