How Cool Dads Roll - A Tribute To The Awesome Daddies!

How Cool Dads Roll - A Tribute To The Awesome Daddies!

When Barack Obama created his own personal Twitter account, he was asked why ‘Dad’ was listed first, since many celebrities and politicians choose to highlight their professional accomplishments.

He smiled and replied, “My roles are listed in order of importance.” It was the perfect response for a modern-day dad!

I have had the fortune of seeing around me, men who have been very pro-active in their roles as dads. With the eroding joint family culture and with more women going to work; dads are beginning to break the shackles too. They are increasingly getting involved as homemakers.

I know I see a lot of dads at the bus stop (absolute eye candy some of them in those gym tees). One of the dads, is a regular at the school workshops and events because his wife is expecting their second baby (I know so many women want him as a surrogate husband!  and then there’s this dad who shops for groceries every single morning.

There are many example – of fatherhood done right, moments of proud successes and some epic fails too!

Here is a compilation of my take on How Cool Dads Roll in all their glory…


Dads like these are completing women’s fantasies. Not only is he watching the baby, he’s cooking too!


 One, Two, Three and yay! This dad definitely knows how there’s more to feeding kids than chocolates!


This make-up model (read sporting dad) just melted my heart


The dads who actually take a bucket and clean the floors… SIGH!


Reading to the kids is the daddies all-time favourite.


I’m sure he secretly wishes for a ‘laundry fairy’!


Umm…Fitness training?


 Hawww…Is that a tag. Well he did try to tie her hair!




And then, moments like these when everything feels so right.

Finally, with this blog, I want to express my gratitude for the fantastic time we live in! Here’s a shout out to all the awesome dads who are, with their contribution and support, establishing that both parents are equals! Thank you for your playful streak and how you let the kids roll all over you.


Thank you for all the princess parties and letting the daughters paint your nails.

Thank you for showing the kids that women are equal and there is no such thing as a man’s or a woman’s job.

Thank you for being there.


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