5 Indoor Games to Play This Summer With Your Kid!

5 Indoor Games to Play This Summer With Your Kid!

Summer vacations are here and they are all about ice creams, mangoes, nonstop play and endless hours of fun and banter. Having said that, the scorching temperatures don’t really make the most ideal conditions for outdoors games. The dangers of a heat/sun stroke, dehydration and sun burns are always lurking outdoors. Which means you will have to find interesting ways to keep your kid indoors and engaged.

Good news is, we are here with a list of indoor games that will keep your kids engaged for hours together. You can even throw a games party, invite your kid's friends over and have a crazy fun time, all in the comfort and coolness of your home. Don't forget those party snacks and finger foods though!  


Here are a few indoor games that most moms recommended:

UNO ( 6yrs and above)

The classic card game, with skips, reverses and the much hated 4+ card, this game is sure to make an awesome gathering. The game is quite simple and can be played with younger kids as old as 4+ with some parental help of course. UNO is a game you can play from anywhere, all you need is a comfortable spot and a pack of UNO.


Memory Game ( 4yrs above)

This game can be played with a regular deck of cards. Once all cards are placed face down, everyone takes turns to find two pairs while trying to remember the cards being opened by others. The game is not only fun but also helps kids improve their memory. 



Board games ( 4 yrs above)

From classic board games like carrom, chess to ludo, you can pick whatever interests your child. You can make it even more interesting with board games like -

Ticket to Ride: a cross-country train adventure where players collect cards of various types of train cars that enable them to claim railway routes connecting cities in various countries around the world.

Sequence: The object of the game is to form rows of 5 poker chips on the board by placing the chips on the board spaces corresponding to cards played from your hand. This is a partner game and is quite interesting since you and your partner can't communicate what cards you have.

Cluedo: Who doesn't love a Detective game? Bring out your kid’s inner Sherlock and get onto solving the murder, you never know who is the murderer including yourself. This is one fun family game.  



Build it or Roll it: Lego or DIY Homemade Play Dough ( 2yrs above)

For all the creative and imaginative kids out there, nothing like building something. Give your kids a box full of Lego and see their imagination take shape. You can also make Homemade play dough for those tea parties when you want your little one to be busy by themselves. This dough is completely natural and safe.




Play Dough Recipe: Pinterest.com/dontmesswithmom/




If the kids are bored of all the board games and need some exercise, Hopscotch is the go to game. Though an outdoor game, you can play it inside too. All you'll need is; a few sticky coloured tapes and a stone. Stick the tape to make the hopscotch shape and get started. 

Playing is essential for kids, it encourages creativity, imagination and their natural curiosity. Playing in a group helps them socialise and incorporate positive sportsmanship. So make the most of it this summer vacation with these indoor games. 



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