Breastfeeding in Public Is No Matter Of Shame!

If you watched the movie ‘Bahubali’ in theatres last year, you must remember the phenomenal breastfeeding in public sequence where Sivagamini is breastfeeding her babies in tandem. If you have seen it, you must also remember that the audience, including women, got uncomfortable during that phase – everyone went, ‘Oh my God, what did I just see!’.

Everyone in the theatre avoided looking at their friends and behaved like that toddler who has been caught doing something wrong. It’s awkward, we may agree, but the question we are asking is. Why should it be? What is so wrong about moms breastfeeding in public?

But change, as they say begins at home. So we as mothers, need to change how we treat breastfeeding in public and then help others who are against breastfeeding in public and change their outlook too. Instead of getting uncomfortable ourselves and making others uncomfortable, we need to handle it aiding moms with good breastfeeding in public tips.

Let’s look at these super simple breastfeeding in public techniques...



Breastfeeding is your child’s right. Those are your breasts, your baby and your rights! You don’t need anyone’s ‘permission’ for breastfeeding. So stop feeling awkward and ashamed of the act.



No, it is not! It’s nothing close to being blasphemous!



You have to get over the stigma and your own embarrassment of breastfeeding in public and the constant feeling of ‘people are staring at me’



Because no one and NO One deserves to eat their meals in a stinky place like the toilet



Or under conditions that make feeding as well as breathing a misery! No one deserves to feed while suffocating under a cover.



Be there for them, every minute and every time, irrespective of where you are, because remember, the baby comes above all!



It is the people who need to get over it and stop sexualizing breastfeeding in public!



And if they continue to do so, you know what to say to them haters!

It’s not a crime to breastfeed in public, neither is breastfeeding in public illegal. It is what your child deserves. It is what you deserve.

So say yes to breastfeeding in public. Of all the people, you have to be ‘alright’ with it, before you go ahead and do it. In the beginning, it may be a little embarrassing but don’t let the embarrassment get the better of you or your baby. Enjoy the phase while it lasts because some of the most memorable moments of this mother-baby bond happen while breastfeeding in public!


Happy Breastfeeding Mommies!


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Comments (13)

Rakhi Puri (beautyofmommying)

Prisha Lalwani I have fed my baby proudly at public places...big Bazaar, India gate, Mughal garden, wedding party, kutub name it....i don't care about ppl when my baby is Hungary and I have seen ppl respects...apart from one stupid man roaming around when I was feeding her at big Bazaar in kids section but I ignored...I have never used covers at time of her feed but I wear such clothing that her body gets covered​ and I feed her in cradle position so my breast oh her face is visible to me or from top..... mother should be confident the rest of the world will take it... lots of love for sharing this article 😘

Prisha Lalwani (Mummasaurus)

thank u Rakhi Puri I'm glad you liked the article and I'm even more happy to know that you are confident enough. true, if you are sure about it, everyone else just carries on. like my article reads, 'The mother has to be ok with the thought's as that is paramount. thank you again :-)

asha chaudhry

love this topic prisha! i breastfed my baby in public big time! Neeta Nihale sonam patel Neha Sharma Archana Bhosale Jai shri #tagfwd

Radha priya

yesterday i fed my baby in paediatrician  clinic... easy open in comfortable posture for my  girl.... as my child's need n happiness is above  all... covering her was discomforting her so i kept open.... its fine.. its as normal as u eat in public

Archana Bhosale

Wonderful article. Yes i do bf her in public places, but I wear such clothes in which baby is comfortable for feeding n my body parts r covered. I will never do bf in fresh rooms.  We have bf cabins available in airports, malls and Even in hospitals.  Thanks for this article

Jayashri G

loved the Topic Prisha Lalwani, i used to feed my baby in public,  nothing is shame in this, as a mom its our responsibility to feed the baby when they are hungry..,  y to bother abt others,  wht they feel n think..

Sonam patel

wonderful post.. a mom should b confident.. and infact she should only think of her child and nothing else..

Khushboo Chag

superb post!! few days back I breastfeed my baby at one of d food courts in a mall.i wore my nursing cover and easily did.some pple were there who were staring as if wat crime has been committed and shocking is even women staring but simply ignore coz my priority is my baby who is hungry and needs to be feed.

Geetika Arora

even i dont shy at all to feed my baby..

Ellora Mohanty Biswal

I also fed my baby at clinic and public places.  Its normal  thing and I never bothered about others what they think about me.

Anchal Talwar

awesome post. i will never feel ashame on doing so after becoming mother.


i can feed in any time any public place. i have fisrt baby imp. in this world never replace in mother hood time.only few months that y dont feel ashame. its our responsbulity as a mother.

Pallavi Arunkumar

Thank you.. Very useful information

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