Movie Playlist Part 3 For Your Child S Summer Vacation

Movie Playlist Part 3 For Your Child S Summer Vacation

24 Apr 2017 | 6 min Read

Nandini Aravind

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With schools closing for vacations, kids and parents can now finally enjoy the much awaited summer vacations. But with holidays comes madness and a lot of play, which too can make your jack a dull boy! Let your kids not get bogged down with too much free time to while away, screen these movies from our exclusive children’s movie playlist and keep your kids engaged and comes with a lesson too.

Grab some popcorn or nachos and enjoy these movies in the comfort of your home. 



The movie is about two princesses who were once very close like regular sisters and would sneak out after bedtime to play together. Elsa the elder one was blessed with an ability to conjure up ice. Everything seemed fine until an accident takes place. Once while Elsa is creating ice, it hits Anna. The parents take a heavy hearted decision to separate them and for them to grow up that way. In the process, Anna forgets about Elsa’s magical gift. This strategy works until their parent’s death and Elsa has to become the Queen. Anna falls for a visiting prince on the day of the coronation and he ends up proposing, to which Anna agrees.

Elsa when asked for her blessing scoffs and dismisses it because they barely just met. The sisters argue and Elsa loses control of her powers burying the kingdom in eternal snowy winter and runs away to live on the mountain. Anna must take a journey to the mountain to convince Elsa to change the winter, all with her new odd allies; an ice harvester Kristoff , his reindeer Sven and a funny oblivious Snowman Olaf! 

What the kids will learn from it:

The movie is mainly about unconditional love between the sisters, even though they are estranged most of the part. It’s about their individual journeys as kids, growing up to be princesses. It will teach your kids to believing in themselves and their abilities . And mainly not be afraid to face difficulties. 




This is a remake of Rapunsel’s story but is more relevant to the times. Rapunsel is kidnapped as a baby by Mother Gothel because she possesses magical healing hair. Not knowing she is a princess, she allows Mother Gothel to keep her in a high tower locked away from the Bad world outside. But Rapunsel’s eagerness and curiosity makes her venture out of her secure home to see the night lights that happen every year. She makes a deal with Flynn who is a thief but has a change of heart after falling in love with Rapunsel. The journey is about she discovering that the world outside isn’t as bad and mean as her Mother Gothel made her believe and eventually finding out about her true lineage. 

What the kids will learn from it:

It’s a movie both girls and boys would enjoy including the parents. Rapunsel is an innocent yet strong minded, beautiful and brave girl. The movie is about going out in this world without fear and making your wishes come true. Rapunsel display of courage and empathy is sure to inspire young girls. 




Wall-E which is (short for Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-Class) is a sanitation robot left behind on a Post Apocalyptic Earth that is now all covered with nothing but garbage. After spending more of his time alone and cleaning up millions of garbage strewn on Earth, he one day comes across a egg shaped robot Eve who is  fast, sleeker and smarter. Dropped by a ship probably to check the surface of Earth for any signs of new life. Wall-E immediately falls head over heels in love with her and they become friends. But before he is able to spend more time with her an unexpected discovery sends her back to a huge spaceship called Axiom where humans live now floating on hover boards interacting with others via screen phones leading a sedentary life and have become obese and forgotten to walk. Wall-E not wanting to leave EVE  follows her to the ship and causes a chain of events that may lead to the humans realising and leading a healthier life. 

What the kids will learn from it:

The visuals of the movie will leave kids breathless and amazed. The premise of the movie is set against – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle which I think is a message that kids today need to learn. This movie can teach kids about how humans can end up destroying the Earth with our current lifestyles. It also teaches kids to eat healthy and be active or else they can end up being obese and unhealthy. Kids can learn Wall-E’s courage, his teamwork skills and perseverance.  



Mrs DoubtFire

After having loved her to an extent of eccentricity and struggling to keep a job; Daniel Hillard is faced with the heartbreaking news that his wife Miranda has filed for divorce and taken full time custody of their 3 kids. He gets to visit them three times a week which he feels isn’t enough.

He then persuades his artist brother to turn him into an old woman. He becomes the prim and proper Mrs. Iphegenia Doubtfire to take up the job of a nanny at his going to be ex wife’s house in order to spend more time with his kids. He manages to win the kids heart and also deal with all the nanny chores. All seems fine until Miranda starts dating a dashing young man Stu. 

What will the kids learn from it:

Mrs DoubtFire is one of the best movies made for kids, whose parents are going through a divorce. The movie can teach the kids that even if the family isn’t together they can still love each other and spend as much time possible with one another if there is understanding. 



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