Movie Playlist Part 3 For Your Child’s Summer Vacation

Movie Playlist Part 3 For Your Child’s Summer Vacation

At times we get so busy with our work and lives; we forget to spend time as a family. Why not take this summer vacation as a chance to break from the humdrum of life and spend some quality time with the kids this summer over these family movies!

So sit back and grab that popcorn as we at BabyChakra bring you yet another movie playlist, that caters to your family needs!


Madagascar 2- Escape To Africa

The movie picks up from right where they left! The beloved friends; Alex the Lion, Marty the Zebra, Gloria the Hippo and Melman the Giraffe are finally headed back home on Air Penguin Plane designed by the ingenious penguins.

Unfortunately they crash in the deep jungle of African savannah. Co-incidentally this happens to be the place where Alex grew up as a cub and realizes he was cub nabbed. He is accepted by his parents and community but is not liked by Makunga who wants to become a leader himself and somehow manages to banish Alex from the community.

Marty has to deal with his insecurities, when he finds out that all zebras are alike not just in appearance but in their tricks too. Melman has to come to terms with his feelings for Gloria. King Julian, Maurice and Mort tag along for the ride as well adding to the chaos and fun.

What the kids will learn from it:

Kids will get their dope on friendship, teamwork and also about family and its importance. Parents can teach kids, how it’s ok to break away from stereotypical mindsets and be different like Alex who is expected to be a scary Lion but is a lovable Lion who likes to dance and perform. When Alex gets banished he tries hard to win his family over and he does so by finding out the cause of scarcity of water. This teaches kids to  face any problem that comes their way. Kids can also learn that though we all are similar in many ways we are unique in many ways as well, just like Marty.

To watch Madagascar 2, click here


Madagascar 3- Europe’s most Wanted

Once you finish part 2, the kids will be tempted to watch the next part and so you should! The movie starts off with the four main characters still in Africa yearning to get back home. They decide it’s time to leave and with the help of the penguins and a makeshift plane, leave Africa and reach Europe.

There the Penguins ditch them to Monte Carlo. The four track the penguins down in Monaco and request them to take them to New York. Unfortunately wild animals roaming around a casino, alerts the animal control! And an Alpha cop Captain DuBois is determined to catch Alex.

The movie then is all about how they manage to escape by pretending to be a part of a circus group and in turn making new friends. In the end the four friends realize where they truly belong.

What the kids can learn from it:

The movie is a true testament of unconditional love between friends, being there for each other at all times. Kids will learn that friendship is possible amongst different personalities.

To watch Madagascar 3, click here



The movie revolves around 100 blue creatures called smurfs. They live in the Smurf Village which is a beautiful  dreamy place. As they are busy preparing for their annual Blue Moon Festival, their evil nemesis, a wizard named Gargamel and his cat Azreal plan to destroy their home. But the powerful blue moon creates a vortex and sucks few of the smurfs along with Gargamel and his Cat. They land in New York City’s Central Park, where the smurfs meet paths with Patrick who works for an overbearing boss. With his help, the Smurfs must find a way back to their home before Gargamel finds them.

What the kids can learn from it:

Kids learn about family and the importance of being there for each other. Each smurf has a different personality and parents can teach kids about what each of it means and how kids at times exhibit those personalities.

To watch Smurfs, click here 


The Lion King

The movie revolves around a cub Simba who loses his Father Mufasa in a stampede of wildebeest. Unknown to Simba the stampede was planned by his evil Uncle Scar. Simba who blames himself for what happened, runs away from home. He makes new friends sings “Hakuna Matata”  and grows up to be a young Lion. But his past catches up to him when he meets his old childhood friend Nala who tells him that under his Uncle Scar’s leadership their tribe is suffering and that Simba is the true heir.

What the kids can learn from it:

Kids can learn that one can't run away from their problems and must face it and find a solution to it. At times we must own up to what is expected out of us as an individual in our life. The movie also teaches how to be courageous, show humility and perseverance.

To watch Lion King, click here


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