7 Wonderful Gifts For The Expecting Mum

7 Wonderful Gifts For The Expecting Mum

If you ask me to give one piece of advice to all the pregnant women out there, it would definitely be - “Pamper yourself to the fullest, lady.” And the advice to all those around the pregnant mum would be - “Pamper her to the fullest.” Oh, how I miss all the fuss that I received during my pre-baby days! The gifts, kind words and encouragement that I was showered with made a world of difference to me. I’m sure most mums would agree on this.

Now you have a chance to make an expectant mom’s day special. For those of you who know a pregnant mum, shower her with these perfect gifts that she’s sure to love. And if you are a mommy-to-be, why wait, treat yourself to these gifts? The best part is, all these lovely things are available on Babychakra itself. Happy gifting!


Nautical Maternity Swimsuit

Pregnancy is the perfect time to flaunt a swimsuit. Why? Well, you have glowing skin, a curvy body and an excuse to show off your growing belly. Luckily, there are amazing swimsuit brands that cater specially to expecting mums. Swimsuits like this one here from Nidhi Munim stretch to accommodate your bump and supportive elastic cups hold your growing breasts.



Classic Monochrome Swimsuit

Here’s another reason to plan a beach babymoon. This elegant swimsuit looks straight out of a magazine and what’s more, it supports your belly and breasts while you lounge on the seaside or by the pool. The black folders at the neckline, armhole, underbust and straps add to the class of this swimsuit. We think any mum-to-be will rock their maternity photo shoot in this number.



Orange Mandarin Soap by Wild Earth

Who wouldn’t like their skin to be pampered by a bathing soap made with only the best ingredients? This Orange Mandarin soap by Wild Earth has all the things needed to soothe frayed nerves (which can strike often during pregnancy). It is free from harmful ingredients and the citrusy aroma is sure bring a relief if you’re feeling nauseous.



Oceanic Calm Body Wash by Wild Earth

When you step out of the shower before take on the day, you want to be left feeling fresh and energised, right? This Oceanic Calm Body Wash from Wild Earth does just that. Its heady fragrance will transport you to the sea and pep you up in a jiffy! And the fact that it is made from all natural ingredients is another plus. I would be really happy if someone gifted this to me!



Body Butter by The Moms Co

Stretch marks can make their dreaded appearance from the second trimester so it’s best to be prepared. But just any other cream won’t do. A good stretch mark cream should be all-natural, have plenty of vitamin E, vitamin C and other skin-regenerating oils. This Body Butter from The Moms Co has all that is required to fight the onset of stretch marks and it leaves the skin feeling super silky too. Any expecting mum will thank you for this present.


Body Wash by The Moms Co

Here’s a bodywash that can help ease morning sickness. What? Yes, you heard right. This body wash has ginger essential oil that works well to combat nausea. It also has pro vitamin B5 that helps the skin restore its natural moisturise and takes care of sensitive pregnancy skin. The essential orange oil in the product is sure to uplift your mood every time you use it. Now why didn’t they have this when I was pregnant?


GAIA Skin + Body Belly Oil

Another amazing product for mums-to-be, this oil is rich with ingredients meant to smoothen, regenerate and hydrate the skin. It is free from mineral oils, steroids and petrochemicals and only has pregnancy safe essential oils that help smoothen out stretch marks. It comes in a handy bottle with a pump, so dispensing the oil is super easy. The oil is light and won’t stain the clothes either.


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