DIY Activities For Your Junior: Lovely Ladybug (Craft)

DIY Activities For Your Junior: Lovely Ladybug (Craft)

What you need

  • Red and black construction paper (one piece each)
  • Small black pom-poms/ bindis
  • Scrap black pipe cleaner
  • Tacky glue and scissors
  • Black permanent marker
  • Wooden pencil (optional)


  • Cut a circle that measures 3 inches in diameter out of the black construction paper.
  • Cut a circle out of the red construction paper that is just a little bit bigger than the black circle (maybe 3.2 inches in diameter).
  • Cut the red circle in half.



  • Cut a small circle, about 1 inch in diameter, out of the black paper
  • Glue the two halves of the red circle onto the larger black circle so that the corner of one semicircle is overlapping the other but some black is showing between the two semicircles.
  • Glue the pom-poms/ Bindis onto the red wings of the ladybug.
  • Glue the small black circle to the back of ladybug, leaving a little showing to form the head.
  • Glue head to lady bug. Use two small scraps of black pipe cleaner for antennae by gluing them to the back of the ladybug’s head.



  • If you’d like to turn your ladybug into a pencil topper, simply glue or tape the top of the pencil to the back of the ladybug.



The activities are conceptualised and done for BabyChakra by Jesal Gandhi, Center Head, Bachpan Playschool (Thane)

You can also view and buy these awesome Children’s Activity Box from Shumee, Pigtales, Podsquad and Brainsmith


Leave your comments below to let us know if you want to see more such fun activities!


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