Pregnancy Week 4: Risks And Red Flags

Some say that during this critical period, travelling by public transport like autorickshaws or two wheelers must be avoided, especially over bumpy roads. However, there isn’t any evidence that this can cause great harm to the foetus.

Nevertheless, if you can manage to find an alternative way to travel then do so. Sometimes a bumpy ride can cause spotting or bleeding in the case of a complicated pregnancy. You may wish to talk to your doctor about this in more depth to put your mind at ease.


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I'm working women. mere office k lie only autorikshaw hi easily milta h ..... plz give me solutions

U can tell them to avoid rash driving n be careful with bad roads..

Book an ola cab instead..

Can plz anyone tell me my last period was on 10 April; mene 2 din pehle test kia tha - ve tha kya me pregnant hu aur mjhe kya krna chahiye

I wish I knew this before

Hii .. actually i travel from auto .. but road is not bumpy.. today i have dark brown spotting and it's my 26th day of cycle .. its implantation bleed?? Or i have to go with dr ...plzz rply me waiting for your answer

In an auto if pregnant try to sit straight hold the handle if possible so that u have control on ur self If there is a jerk.

During 4weeks pregnancy we can intemate or not

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