Pregnancy Week 5: Baby Growth

Pregnancy Week 5: Baby Growth

25 May 2017 | 1 min Read


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Baby Growth

This is the time when your baby’s embryo is growing at a rapid pace and is a size of a sesame seed. Here’s what your baby is made of at this moment

1. Ectoderm The top most layer which will develop into your baby’s brain, spinal cord, nerves and the backbone.
2. Mesoderm Which will form the heart, the circulatory system, the muscles, cartilages and bones.
3. Endoderm The layer that will form the lungs, intestines, urinary system, thyroid, liver and the pancreas.

The placenta and the umbilical cord have started functioning and are providing oxygen and other nutrients to your baby. They are also responsible for removing waste matter which is returned to your blood (the mother’s blood) for excretion.