Pregnancy Week 5: Signs And Symptoms

Your pregnancy hormones are raging as your body works hard to make your baby. You may continue to experience morning sickness and fatigue. The news is, that this feeling can strike at any time of the day, so it feels more like an anytime sickness. Usually, nausea and vomiting is triggered by certain smells, identify these and stay away from them.

TIP: Keep dry toast or crackers handy to nibble on, as this makes the stomach feel more settled. Many women have dry ginger flakes to help keep nausea at bay.
Apart from morning sickness there are other discomforts that you may have begun to experience - sore breasts and frequent urination are the most common.



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This is just in time

This is just in time

I m 5 week pregnant but mujhe kuch feel nh ho rha ke ma preg. Hu aasa kuyn

I m 5 week pregnant but mujhe kuch feel nh ho rha ke ma preg. Hu aasa kuyn

I am 5 weeks pregnant bt koi symptoms nhi h koi feeling nhi h ultrasound krwaya to baby 2mm size aaya there any problems??

This is so well written.

I m 5 week preg...feel lower back pain

I'm 5 weeks pregnant sometimes I feel a pain in lower abdomen. What is the cause

Same this too plse any body tell mee

Lower abdomen pain is common as most of the pregnancy symptom mimic period symptoms. But not to worry. They are going to fade away as days pass by

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