Pregnancy Week 5: Physical Changes

By Week 5, any test can confirm your pregnancy. Your baby bump is still not showing and so you may continue wearing your pre-pregnancy clothes as long as you feel comfortable. It’s even ok to sleep on your stomach at this time as the uterus and baby are still deep down in the pelvic cavity. It is best if you go with the flow and let your pregnancy take its natural course without worrying too much!

Action: It's easier to get back to your pre-pregnancy body if you exercise throughout your pregnancy. So, figure out an appropriate exercise routine. However, doctors advise some women to put this on hold until first-trimester. A fitness routine will help strengthen and manage the extra weight that you're going to carry. It can also get ready you for the rigors of labor.

TIP: Choose moderately vigorous activity like walking and swimming.



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Comments (8)

This is just in time

Could u suggest some exercises during each trimester?

Usually walking is in my daily routines but after conceiving I have stopped .when can I start again ....I walked for 45 min daily in mrng...when can I start again...without fear ..

M having stomach pain nd feel very tired..wat to do

Can i go for walk..stairs main up nd down karna prblm hoga ya nei

I am also confused for walk . I was earlier doing bt ,last yr had miscarriage so this time little worried. Shud I walk or not dont understand

One can walk during pregnancy. You can walk up a stair. But do not walk down. pace your speed to being comfortable.

Am diabetes patient mera 3 br miscarriage ho gya h to m walk krti hu abhi b kya safe h mere le 70 minutes walk slowly or stairs up and down krna b tikh h kya

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