Pregnancy Week 5: Emotional Changes

As you progress through the first trimester, you may feel increasingly cranky, irritable or emotional for no reason. Worry not as it is natural for you to have mood swings. It may be tough to explain your behaviour to those at the receiving end but take few deep breaths and distract yourself. Get busy with something you like doing, puruse a hobby, listen to music or read a novel. 


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Pooja Koshti

I wish I knew this before

Karuna Gaba


Karuna Gaba

This is so well written.


I wish I knew this before

Binu Jacob

This is so true.!

Sheetal Aukirkar

This is so well written.


So true .. I am on my crazy mood swings

Martie Dodo

i like the information..very useful

Gracious Janita

I wish I knew this before

Humeshwari Das

Yeah it's happening with me too

Nida Latif

So true . I'm going through all of this and I wish I can distract myself

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