Pregnancy Week 5: Activity

Pregnancy Week 5: Activity

25 May 2017 | 1 min Read


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1. A complete stop to smoking and drinking alcohol. Smoking increases the risk of miscarriage, placental problems, and preterm birth. It slows fetal growth and increases the risk of stillbirth and infant death. Drink-a-day can increase the odds of low birth weight.

2. Some jobs or hobbies can be high-risk places for you and your developing baby. If you’re job routinely exposes you to chemicals, metals (like lead or mercury), biologic agents or to any form of radiation, you’ll need to make some changes soon.

3. Keep in mind that cleaning products, pesticides, solvents, and lead in drinking water from old pipes can also be harmful. Talk to your doctor or midwife so they can suggest ways to avoid hazards in your home and workplace.

4. Prepare for your prenatal visit. Talk to relatives about medical histories. It may be helpful to know if there is any history of any chronic conditions or genetic abnormalities.