Pregnancy Week 6: Old Wives' Tales

There is a very popular pregnancy myth which suggests that if your baby’s heartbeat is above 140 beats per minute, your baby is a girl and if it is slower, your baby is a boy. Numerous studies have been carried out which prove that the heartbeat speed has no correlation to gender. You will just have wait and see if your little one is a boy or a girll.



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Rachana Patil

Tells me how..

St Antonio

I wish I knew this before

Aruna k r

No this is wrong actually my first baby heart beat always 170- 175 i also taught may i will get girl baby but i got boy baby

Sapna Jain

Is this true aruna k r....

Shridevi Pramod Mulgundmath

Plz help.. im 6 week pregnant but sonography showing only 4 weeks gestational sac, no yolk sac and fetal pole, is der any chances of development and anybody faces such problems

Raaghavi Muthu Gopal

Hi shridevi..
For me also 2 weeks difference from lmp and scan.. fetal pole is not visible in 4 weeks BT yolk sac may visible I think so.. don't worry. Let's wait for some days


Hello frndz muje kch b feel ni hota bs tikha khane ka maan krta h or baki kch b feel ni hota to kya baby bilkul tikh hoga koi problem to ni hogi usse

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