Pregnancy Week 7: Baby Growth

This week your baby is half an inch long and is the size of a blueberry. Your baby's hands and feet are emerging. You may be daydreaming about kissing those tiny fingers and toes but, they are only paddle-like buds at this point.

Both hemispheres of your baby's brain and other internal organs are growing too. The liver is now producing red blood cells and the pancreas and the appendix have been formed. These will eventually produce the insulin to aid in digestion. Your baby also has eyes now and by the end of Week 7, her eyelids will begin to form too!

Technically, at 7 weeks, your baby is still an embryo with a small tail (an extension of the tailbone). This will eventually disappear in a few weeks.



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I wish I knew this before

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7 week old baby

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7 Week pregnent

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7 week pregnant

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