Pregnancy Week 8: Risks And Red Flags

Your doctor will recommend some basic tests like Complete Blood Count (CBC) and urine test to rule out any existing disorders. You must also get tests done for HIV, Hepatitis B, Thalessemia and Rubella antibodies, just to steer clear of any life threatening disorders.

Your doctor might suggest some additional tests in case you are a high-risk case patient, for example if you have a history of genetic disorders or you are over 35 years of age. These tests are invasive and it is a good idea to discuss their pros and cons at your prenatal visit to the doctor.



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This is just in time

I have done all these test

I have done all the above

Jst in time..

Just I HV time to test

I have done touch 10 test and I found rubella iGg 3.89 and cytomegalovirus virus IgG there any risk for baby.i am 8 week pregnant.kindly reply

Ultrasound kB karana chahiye. I am 8 week pregnant. In whole pregnancy how many ultrasound need to do.

My wife have thyroid with 3.94.. is this any risk to our baby..

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